Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Day One

I was wondering this morning, why does everyone gush over what a wonderful movie Dirty Dancing was?  It wasn’t.  People gushed even before Patrick Swayze died.  This is alarming proof that they actually do think that this was a wonderful movie, since they babbled about it even before they felt they had to do it for the sainted Mr. Swayze.  I have nothing against Patrick Swayze.  I never found him particularly attractive, nor a particularly talented actor, and I would never wish pancreatic cancer on anyone.  His movies were just remarkably bad. I think I was a kid,, or a tween when Dirty Dancing came out, and even then I knew it was crap.  Basic premise:  hunky near adult dating gorgeous talented dancing slut – going for dance competition.  Dancing slut gets knocked up.  Somehow, unattractive brace-faced tween child who, for God’s sake, is at a camp with her parents, is selected as the replacement for said knocked up slut, and she miraculously becomes mystically talented at this nasty dancing which she certainly never has done before, and somehow becomes the new love interest for the hunky near-adult guy.  She’s “out of his league”.  Not.  No hunky dance guy would ever choose crooked-nose brace-face kid over dancing slut hottie, even knocked up one.  Brace-face’s dad would have chained her to the bed in the cabin or yanked them all home before any of this ever would have happened.  Hunky dance guy would have spent his time freaking out about possible child support and trying to talk hottie into an abortion, not trying to win some hokey dance contest.  Am I the only person who has noticed the intrinsic stupidity of this story?  Apparently so.  Am I a cranky old grouch?  Yes.  Does this excuse the crap factor of this movie?  No.


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One thought on “Day One

  1. Caroline on said:

    I met an elderly movie critic, who was intelligent and (amazingly) still relevant. I bitched and moaned about the movie "Black Snake Moan" which I thought was hokey as all get out. I mean, it has an undeniable premise…hot nympho white girl chained to radiator of big black man. Who is NOT going to watch THAT? However, I simpered on to the movie critic about (my main theme in life) "It\’s not good enough". He succinctly and kindly summed it up for me by saying, "It\’s a good B-grade movie…they\’re not all A-grade movies. It\’s good for what it is". Damnit! He was right too.

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