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The Rats

     Somehow my husband and I took leave of our senses and bought 2 rats for our daughter for Christmas.  I don’t know why I was thinking that a 5-year old would have any sense when it comes to animals, but it’s a miracle the poor things haven’t come unhinged.  She hasn’t put them down since they arrived on Christmas morning.  They are amazingly patient, as she carries them around by their middles and refuses to set them down to explore for even a second.  She tries to hand them to anyone who comes to the house.  This could be problematic, because some of her babysitters may not like rats, and we may soon be short some babysitters.  They are remarkably good-natured little animals.  One of them has even started taking food by hand.  I hope they can adjust to the constant handling.  I seem to recall that when I was a kid I didn’t handle my pets nearly so much – I liked to watch what they did on their own.  Clearly my child has not inherited my enjoyment of observation, as she hasn’t quit meddling with them yet.  They are officially named “Princess” and “Wiggly”.  Princess is only slightly less wiggly than Wiggly.  My husband and I are really hoping that her interest in them will wane; we hadn’t anticipated complete immersion in ratness.


Trim the Tree Beading Contest

Today’s note is about Happy Mango Beads and their trim-the-tree contest.  Happy Mango Beads is a happy little bead store with a charming Facebook page that I actually look forward to reading.  They are sponsoring a contest – you are entered in the drawing if you blog about the contest!  Easy enough?  Certainly!  Happy Mango has posted some delightful and thought-provoking links to articles about the beading world, a Christmas bead slide show that is guaranteed to inspire, and has many cheerful quotes and pictures that they post to read every day.  I am delighted to do business with Happy Mango because of their cheerful commitment not just to their business, but to the world of beading.

The Love-Yourself Dilemma

I am being prodded by New Age love-yourselfers on one side and by my own too-pragmatic long-established self critic on the other.  I have been bombarded lately by messages to be “gentle with myself” and to “love myself exactly as I am.”  Now my question:  how on earth do we address shortcomings and correct faults if we love them exactly as they are?  Am I missing something here?  It seems a little bit of self-loathing goes a long way if you want to get yourself off your ass and do something you’ve been neglecting.  On the other hand, I can see that it would be very soothing to feel good about one’s self all the time.  It would contribute greatly to inner peace.  But is that just complacency?  I wonder… to love or not to love is really the final question.

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