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Hubby’s New Choker

When I went to the Bead and Button show, I picked up a pattern for a chain maille Byzantine variant and made a bracelet.  I wanted to make it in sterling but I must say sterling prices have gotten RIDICULOUS.  I made it in copper, with Swarovski crystal rings and it was gorgeous.  I brought it home and DH went BONKERS for this design.  He wanted a choker made out of it.  Bad.  We decided to order two bracelet kits and see if we could make him a choker out of that.  Turns out 2 bracelets do not quite make the circumference of a man’s neck.  I had to order 5 more Swarovski rings; I had enough copper rings left from the other kits to finish up.

The thing got finished last night.  I have seldom ever seen my DH so psyched about something, especially a material sort of something.  He will be the first to tell you, however, that he is in touch with his feminine side.  The choker turned out beautiful.  We had used copper rings and Swarovski rings in Sahara, which offset the copper perfectly.  He put it on and leaped around.  “Take a picture!  Let’s put it on Facebook!  Let’s put it on MY Facebook!”  The man usually looks like he has just played chess with death and he was beaming and bouncing around the room.  We took a bunch of pictures.  I declined to take them with my cell phone, because those pictures SUCK.  I posted the pictures last night and tagged him so they’d go over to his page.  The thing really did turn out gorgeous.  He is now suggesting that I put the piece on ETSY.  “I can’t sell your piece,” I told him.  “Yes you can,” he said.  “You can just make me a new one!  You seem to enjoy making them.”  So now I may be making ANOTHER one.  We’ll see if it sells.


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