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I am going for broke and making a second post today.  I need to share my Listia experience because it was ridiculous, and I don’t recommend it, ever.  I found Listia via Facebook.  It is an auction site, similar to Ebay, but not.   The items on Listia are supposed to be “free” – you bid “credits” instead of money.  What a scam.  You can obtain credits to bid by “recommending friends and having them complete an auction on Listia” (as if that would happen, or as if your friends would still be your friends if you did that to them), by “answering featured surveys” (read, giving out your email address to weirdos who will bombard you with ads for penis stretchers), doing “featured offers” with offerings as diverse as joining Angie’s List, giving money to nature charities, and getting a credit card for your teen (all of which involve recurring fees being taken off your credit card or off your bank account), and putting up your own items for auction to win credits.  This last is a nightmare.  I did it and I don’t know why.  Yes I do.  I wanted to believe in this “pretend” marketplace, as it would give me an excuse to shop without actually shopping.  Except it is shopping, since you can BUY credits to bid through PayPal.  What happens is, you see some item that you want that looks like a good deal, so you quick run to PayPal and buy some credits.  So you are REALLY SPENDING MONEY.  And I find after winning some auctions, that this is where the real racket comes in.  You can put new items up for grabs, or you can put up used ones.  This is where the lying comes in.  An item described as “New With Tags” may have tags on it all right, but it has stains all over the back of it.  An item described as “Swarovski crystal” may be plastic.  All these “trusted sellers” (note the severe overuse of quote marks in this rant) have near 100% satisfaction ratings from their lucky customers.  The thing is, I went to leave feedback for this really heavy seller with really good feedback and the computer SKIPPED OVER THE FEEDBACK PART and just put in a positive rating.  I was about to really lambaste this woman for sending me a “New With Tags” item with stains all over the back (and she made such a big point of saying how there were no flaws, or stains anywhere) and the computer skipped over the part where I would leave her feedback.  I think there’s a scam going on there.  This shifty chick has some kind of deal with Listia where her scammed victims can’t leave any feedback but positive.  No wonder her satisfaction rating is 100%.  What bunk.  I tried auctioning some items that I was going to give away that I thought were pretty nice (like a pair of Lucky jeans that didn’t fit me right that I had never worn) and wound up getting lame little bids.  I could have gotten more from the consignment store.  Now here’s the next racket.  You can charge people who bid on your auction for postage, but if you charge postage, NO ONE WILL BID ON YOUR AUCTION.  So you wind up obligated to send these clowns what they won and I wound up spending OVER SIXTY DOLLARS ON POSTAGE.  Free, my ass.  I guess I am a complete idiot.  Some of the items I won have been sent me have actually been pretty nice and as advertised.  I guess I just got really hacked off at the new-with-tags-stain-lady, who is a liar and a thief in my book anyway.  Now there is the issue of the plastic “Swarovski” which was admitted in a very oh-by-the-way way in a little postscript that I did not see the first time, when I actually bid on the auction.  And let me just say what an incredible PAIN IN THE ASS it is to go send all this stuff out by the post office.  The only time I have to go is my lunch, so there goes my lunch, and you stand there with a huge stack of packages that have to be sent WITH TRACKING, as that is expected too, so you wind up with everyone in the joint glaring at you as you send these piddly little things off to Timbucktoo.  NEVER AGAIN.  I have just mailed off the last things from my last auctions and I will NEVER DO IT AGAIN.  So now I am left hanging with a bid on plastic beads, which should never happen to a serious jewelry maker (I guess I will give them to my daughter) and the shame of bidding on gross used things just to sublimate my irresistible urge to shop.  THIS SITE IS NOT FREE.  You have to buy credits to get them, because the auctions don’t even pay off until the little monsters get their items.  And don’t get me started on THAT.  These freaky bastards, after basically getting an item for nearly free, WITH free shipping and tracking, actually have the nerve to send emails like “I need you to send this today because I need it for my vacation Friday.”  This was an actual message I received.  After these people bid on your auctions, they STALK you until they get their stuff.  There is also the issue of “fanning”.  Buyers can “fan” sellers, which they will do without the slightest provocation, but then they expect you to “fan them back” or else they get vicious.  Why would you “fan” someone you have not the least bit of experience with?  I refused, anyway, which certainly did not make me popular.  Now I have to watch this last auction I haplessly bid on, and this will be the LAST one I swear.  At least until another really hot lot of plastic beads comes up.


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2 thoughts on “Listia

  1. suits on said:

    i liked the site. sold some baseball cards got 6000 credits for a deck of 300 mailled it out for 2.54 used the credits to buy stamps in an auction got about 20 used them as free shiping.

  2. You are hilarious. I feel the same way about Listia at times… but it’s why I only list things that won’t cost me more than 2 or 3 bucks to ship. It can be a great site.. depending on what you’re doing.

    As for the plastic beads, I had a similar situation where I thought I was bidding on a spiked metal bracelet but it was plastic. It was kind of annoying.

    Oh well.

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