Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Driving Dullsville

Ah, and now for one of my favorite rants.  Driving in this little town we live in.  I think one of the nurses I work with put it best:  “All these new cars in town and not a one of them has a working turn signal.”  Don’t get me started on the turn signals.  Not only do people make left hand turns with no turn signal, they make them out of the FAR RIGHT LANE.  Everyone drives with their headlights on, which in a more forward thinking town might signal caution, but in this case, I think they all just left them on from the night before.  Then there is the GREEN LIGHT BRAKING.  These people ride their brakes through all intersections; I guess they are hoping that the light will turn yellow so they can SLAM on their brakes and have the person behind them run right through their butt.  Then there is the weird truck occurrence.  In ANY other town, you would avoid the lane with the truck in it and get in the other one?  Right?  Not here.  It is a guarantee that that truck driver will get cranked up before these reflexless bozos even notice that the light has changed.  Get behind the truck.  Also there is the Wal Mart phenomenon.  To pass the most smoothly through this part of town, you must get in whatever lane is farthest from Wal Mart, because it is guaranteed that any driver in a near lane will slam on their brakes and decide abruptly that they must stop by at Wal Mart.  MUST stop by Wal Mart.  And the wrecks.  Oh my gosh, this is the wreckin’est town I have ever seen.  Sad, but not a day goes by but that I have a patient whose friend or family member was just killed in a “tragic accident.”  Many of these tragic accidents are caused by alcohol and trucks, but quite a little number of them are caused by NOT LOOKING WHERE YOU ARE GOING and driving straight into someone else’s path.  The Life Flight people are making a good little living in this town.  Then there is the Big Town Fear situation.  Dullsville is actually a tiny little piddly town but many folk who come in to shop or eat out come from REALLY tiny little burgs and are TERRIFIED to drive in The Big City.  They have the white-knuckle grip on the steering wheel and a deer in the headlights look that is unmistakable.  I hear people complaining about how awful the traffic is here (remember, tiny town) and how far it is to drive all the way across town (read, 9 miles), and I remember my life in Atlanta and I snicker.  There are exactly 2 main streets in town.  They intersect each other.  You can reach anything from either one of them.  My hairdresser tried to draw me a MAP to her salon the first time I went there, but the directions were just a simple left turn off one of the main streets.  Why on EARTH would I need a map?  So today’s rant is brought to you by the letter L for Lousy Driving and the letter T for Tiny Town.  If you don’t have your turn signal on, then get out of my way!


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