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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Boutique Practices

I had an interesting conversation with an anesthesiologist this morning about an interview he had in Dallas with a boutique practice hospital.  A boutique practice is a high-income practice/hospital that only does high-end procedures for cash, without dealing with insurance or Medicaid at all.  The co-owner was another anesthesiologist with an extremely rocker lifestyle.  He apparently owned three limos, one of which he brought to work each morning.  He also owned some kind of car called a McLaren, which cost over $300 k.  My friend said he interviewed there on doctor’s day and the lavish spread they had was RIDICULOUS.  They had some kind of tenderloin that had been imported from Brazil, and stacks and stacks of huge lobsters.  He said he took pictures of both, and the car.  The rich anesthesiologist looked like Fabio, with long flowing hair, and he had a Glamour Shots type picture huge and framed up in the hospital.  Talk about ego!  When the doctors there brought their cars into work, they were whisked away and detailed.  My friend said he was thinking “please hire me, please hire me!”  He had been working at an extremely impoverished hospital in Birmingham Alabama for some years and was about ready for some opulence.  Unfortunately, he did not get the job.  I think the Fabio guy would have been a bitch to work for anyway.  My friend said the guy couldn’t even be bothered to be there to participate in his interview.  His henchmen were there instead.  Apparently he had been some kind of financial magnate prior to becoming a physician and just had ridiculous money.  My friend said he just got the feeling that the finances there were not quite on the up-and-up.  You think?


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