Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Less Weight

I brought my daughter home last night from daycare.  My husband is out of town until Thursday.  We sat down for dinner and after we ate, she announced, “There’s some ice cream in the freezer but you can’t have any.  Daddy said you need less weight.”  That one stopped me in my tracks.  WTH?  You know he had to have said something like that to her; she wouldn’t just come up with that on her own.  Why would someone put something like that in a child’s head?  First of all, I think it’s unhealthy for us to encourage our children to obsess about losing weight.  Yes, I need to lose weight, but I never mention that to her.  I don’t want her to go on a diet at age seven.  Second of all, he should know that she will now repeat that to everyone she knows, including me, which will make me feel bad, and everyone else, who will smirk when I’m not looking and thoughtfully agree, yes, she could definitely use less weight.  Third, some things you just do not discuss with children.  So I told my husband last night that he is in the doghouse.  He claims that’s not what he said to her, but really, where did that come from then?  He says he’s bought me a surprise:  a handmade tie-dyed gift from one of our friends whose art work I adore.  I just hope he’s bought it in the right size.  For someone who thinks I need “less weight”, he sure does display ignorance when buying me gifts from Diana.  He last bought me 2 sets of leggings, both size medium.  Do I look like a freakin’ medium?  I look like a freakin’ house.  I didn’t even try them on, for fear of stretching them out and ruining them.  So I wonder what size he bought me this time.  Now of course, I have to wonder if he’s deliberately buying them too small to make me feel bad and make me want to lose weight to fit into them.  Seems like a huge waste of money.  He’s usually pretty practical, so maybe I should just feel flattered that he thinks I would still fit in a medium.  I’m now in XL, so really, you’d think he’d’ve noticed.  So I don’t know.  All I know is I now have a seven year old daughter who is telling me I can’t eat anything because I need “less weight”.  Every time I put something to my mouth, she tells me not to eat it.  So I am mortified and angry.  And I still think my husband put it in her head somehow.  Now I just have to try hard not to resent her for something that was put in her head by someone else.


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