Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

My Little Daughter Is All Growing Up

My daughter just turned seven, and it sure does seem like she’s all growing up.  She’s lost 7 baby teeth and has an adorable gappy smile where her new big grownup teeth are coming in.  She looks like a little jack-o’lantern (or a meth addict).  She knows all the songs on the radio, more than I do even, and she sings gamely along even when she has to make up the lyrics.  Which she does a lot.  She knows little popular expressions now – she called a funky bracelet I made “AWK-ward” and talks about “dissing” people and about how “random” things are.  She cares a great deal about how she dresses and spends time in the morning picking out just the right outfit.  She comes home and talks about boyfriends, and about how so-and-so LIKES her (which I am not sure I like at all) and she and her girlfriends wear each other’s jewelry and make big grown up trades of their plastic cell phones and Barbie dolls.  She can carry on a very grown up conversation and can now understand the plot line of a movie, even some more adult things.  She wants to be part of every conversation and doesn’t understand when she interrupts with silly things and we hush her.  Her ears are now pierced, and she very responsibly cleans them and brushes her teeth every night.  She just has a very few baby things left.  She will burst into tears when frustrated or when she doesn’t get her way.  There is high drama if she is denied at all; sobs of, “I never get anything.  I never get anything I want!!”  She told me once I was ruining her life because I would not let her bring her Nintendo DS on a field trip where they were going SWIMMING.  She is still unashamed of being naked and will happily run around the house or climb into your lap after she has taken off her clothes for her bath.  She still smells like a little one – there is still a baby smell to her hair.  This may have more to do with the fact that she uses baby shampoo.  She still sleeps with a stuffed animal and her soft blanket.  She still needs a night light.  Sometimes she gets in trouble at school for not paying attention and talking to the other kids.  She still gets put in time out.  She is just starting to question the existence of Santa Claus and the tooth fairy.  I am just trying to enjoy the rest of my snuggle time before she hits her tween years and is too cool to sit on my lap anymore.


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