Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

The Spins

Well, I was home yesterday with a very interesting case of vertigo.  I called in sick to work when I realized that I was having to hold up the wall of the shower while showering.  The world was spinnning around me in a horrible way.  I decided that this was not a good day to operate on other human beings so I cancelled surgery and stayed home.  My dear husband insisted that I go to the doctor and get checked out.  My daughter has been sick with a cough also for a week so we decided to make a day of it and take her to her doctor too.

My trip to see my doctor was made more interesting by the fact that in nine years, I have never actually been in to see him.  Usually, I am disgustingly healthy.  I know him personally, of course, from working with him, but I have never seen him as a patient.  I had to go in and fill out all that new patient paper work, which is always loads of fun.  They demanded everything but my firstborn child.  They got me back and weighed me, which is always a horrifying experience and should be avoided whenever possible.  They took my blood pressure which was great, but in no way made up for the weighing situation.  The doctor came in quick and announced that I had “the virus of the week”; that everyone had it and were sick as dogs for about 36 hours.  He further informed me that meclizine (anti-vert) didn’t even touch this dizziness and he would have to put me on valium for the day.  He gave me 30 valium, a z-pack and some mucinex for my sinus infection, which I also turned out to have.

After this, my husband and I took my daughter to her doctor.  I felt unwell and went and sat in the van with the motor running.  It seemed to take forever to get in and out of there.  Of course, she was a new patient too, as her former pediatrician ran away to Washington state, and this was her new one.  Apparently she has a DOUBLE ear infection (so I’m surprised she’s not dizzy too) and required amoxicillin and mucinex also, as well as a cough syrup.  So we made CVS very happy today what with all our drug orders. 

I went home and was very mellow for the rest of the day.  I wound up taking two of the valium, and they got rid of the spins just fine.  I slept like a baby for the better part of the day.  I finally had enough appetite to eat lunch; I could barely eat a little yogurt for breakfast I felt so queasy.  So for those of you who wake up with vertigo, there’s a weird little virus going around, and valium works GREAT!  Also, expect to wait awhile if you are a new patient at your doctor’s office.  As a physician, let me put in my plug and say, come in early for that appointment!  Fill out your paperwork so you can get in on time!


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