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An Ob/Gyn gone mad


This Pinterest thing is a pretty damn cool idea.  I’ve gotta hand it to whoever came up with it.  Since I’ve joined I have had an absolute blast collecting beautiful and fascinating pins. 

This collection has helped me to see what categories are the most interesting to me.  I create new pinboards every time I accumulate a significant quantity of pins belonging to one category. 

I now have boards for Rocks (beautiful gems and minerals), Flora (amazing plants), Fauna (amazing animals), Jewels (beautiful jewelry, mostly handmade), and Shooz (for my ridiculous shoe addiction).  Then I have the standard Beautiful Things (mostly ceramics, clothing or anything in nature that does not fit flora or fauna), Books worth reading (one thing under there, LOL), Places and Spaces, Products I Love, For the Home, and my favorite:  NO WAY, which contains the truly bizarre and ridiculous. 

I enjoy seeing the pins my friends post and repin frequently.  I subscribe mostly to pinners who love nature and science.  And shoes.  I have amassed a huge collection of stunning shoes.  Lordy, I love shoes!  Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Hermes, Dolce and Gabbana, Jimmy Choo and many others are featured in brilliant color (or BLACK – I like black) on my Shooz pinboard.  Shoes to drool over.  Shoes to die for. 

I also love my collection of Fauna – beautiful and amazing animals and creatures from all over the globe.  I seem mostly to be fascinated by insects, especially praying mantises.  I seem to be joined in this fetish by Burt somebody, whose science pins I follow intently. 

I find it exciting that I have more and more pinners following me – I love it when I get notice that someone has “liked” or repinned one of my pins.  I wish I got more comments though.  I confess I don’t like or follow recipes or any kind of DIY thing much.  One of the friends I follow is a teacher and she is always posting ideas for kindergarten classroom walls or really cute cupcakes.  Another friend is just married and posts pic after pic of quaint home decor.  I love my beader friends with their beautiful jewelry and beading how-tos.  Another friend is getting married soon and her boards are all about weddings.  Still another seems obsessed with succulent plants and puts up pin after pin of beautiful blue-green cacti and air plants.  Another is completely taken with amazing foodie (and drinkie) type stuff. 

I also notice trends of ecards (seemingly millions), cat and dog “cute” pictures, cute baby pictures, baby clothes and beautiful outfits. 

I love the tribal pictures of people from different cultures. 

This has gotten to be quite the phenomenon!  More and more people are getting involved with Pinterest and there are some serious addicts out there.  I think some of these folks are literally sitting at their computers all day searching for more things to pin.  I will say that Pinterest has helped me to reestablish what my areas of interest really are in a subtle and enjoyable way.


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