Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Barfing Girl

At the hospital where I work, about 5 or 6 children’s drawings were selected with a hospital theme.  Every day when I walk down that hall, I see the paintings and one in particular jumps out at me.  There is a girl’s head, and her mouth is open, and she appears to be barfing white stuff all over the bottom of the page.  Every day I question why on earth the hospital chose this disgusting picture to put in the hall.  My husband came to eat lunch with me and as he walked me back to my office, it occurred to me to point out the picture of the barfing girl.  “Can you imagine?” I asked him.  “Putting up a picture of a little kid throwing up?”  My husband glanced at it.  “Look closer,” he said.  “It’s a white gloved hand holding a white tongue depressor.”  Why, so it was.  My DH was extremely amused.  “You must have thought it was some diagnostic technique that you’d missed out on.  ‘I’ll hold out my hand and you barf in it.’  But in your line of work,” he continued, “You’d hold your hand down under their crotch and tell them to barf.”  “Ewwww, gross,” we both said.  He’d grossed us out pretty good.  He’s mighty good at that.  But I must say, it is a great relief that the hospital did not post a picture of a barfing girl, just a girl getting her throat checked with a tongue depressor!


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