Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad


I must confess, this whole blogging thing is a bit confusing. I want to write deep, honest commentary, but according to my husband, someone I know will eventually find this blog and hold something I say against me. But they say to make an effective blog, you should always try to write with brutal honesty. Well, most of my brutal honesty points exactly at one (or a few) people without disguise.

Also, there is the whole uploading of pictures/video/music which completely fails me, as I write this blog on my work computer and I have no pictures/video/music on it to upload. I am a very primitive, shackled blogger.

What I need to develop is a blog that absolutely does not have my name on it anywhere so that the search engines will not find it. Then I can write about my foolish coworkers and patients with impunity. Also, my husband knows that I have a blog, so I might have to watch what I say there.

Basically, what I need to do is write a book and retire, and then I can say (almost) whatever I want. Retirement is really where it’s at. How did I get from a blog to retirement, you may ask? Answer: everyone else is writing books from their blogs! Why shouldn’t I? Just because what I have to say is stale and unfascinating, well, that shouldn’t have anything to do with it! So I will go ahead and keep writing the varnished truth, and try to get something out there every day so I will gain a collective readership (I have a readership of uh, one right now).

Surely someone will be bored enough to read my blog! So far I’ve only ever gotten one comment on anything I’ve written, and OK, that was a friend of mine, but that’s OK.

I’ve gotten lots of spam and that should be worth SOMETHING! Question: why do people spam the comment section of a blog? I can see trying to sneak in an advertisement for something but these just say things that should have come out of bizarre Japanese toy assembly instructions, like, “This have been very useful, is training boy.” What. The. Heck?? What is the point of that?

The blog has its very own spam checker, however, and has craftily caught several hundred spams in the spam trap. Actually, that would be a great name for a book. “The Spam Trap.” That could be about anything. Maybe that will be my blog book title.

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