Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

First Date

I met my husband online, which is not that unusual these days.  We talked for a month or so before actually meeting, because he had his father at home on hospice and really could not leave him except to get groceries.  When his father passed, he called me to set up a date.

We decided on coffee.  I am a physician, and I was on call the weekend we decided to go out.  Therefore meeting for an actual drink was out of the question.  So we met at a coffee house in Vinings, which is part of Atlanta.  We had a great time chatting, and the conversation went from this to that and somehow we got to the subject of a handsome Indian doctor who had been hitting on me for months.  He even offered to wash my car (I had a Porsche then – it was fun to wash).  I wouldn’t go out with him because he was a known playa – he had girls around every corner, mostly nurses and his office personnel.  We were chuckling over this guy and his hectic dating life and his strange ways of flirting with me when I realized I had to go to the bathroom.

I excused myself and stood up and when I did – THAT DOCTOR WAS IN THE COFFEE  SHOP – in the far corner away from where we were sitting.  At first I thought he was a look-alike, but, no such luck, it was the very same guy.  I was SO mortified.  I ran into the bathroom and when I came out, MY DATE HAD STRUCK UP A CONVERSATION WITH THE GUY.  I didn’t know my future husband well enough yet to realize that he will chat up ANYONE, the busboy clearing the table, the cabbie, the maintenance guy.  And now he was talking to the VERY PERSON WE HAD BEEN DISCUSSING.  And I had no way of knowing what, if anything, the guy had heard.  I slunk over to my date and the doctor guy and pretended just to have noticed that he was there and that I knew him.  The doctor went to take a page and I literally grabbed my date and hissed, “We have to get out of here.”  “Why,” asked my innocent date.  “Because,” I whispered ,”THAT’S THE GUY.”  “Whaaaat?” said my future husband.  “That’s him?”  “Ohmygosh yes, we have to gooooo!”  We literally ran out of the shop before the guy could come back and my future husband and I collapsed with laughter against a parked car.  “I don’t know what he heard,” I wailed.  “He could have heard the whole thing!”  We were both cackling with glee and embarassment and our mutual enjoyment of the situation established that yes, he could possibly be the one.  So somehow, being totally catty brought me together with the man I was going to marry.  Girls, let this be a lesson.  You never know what may be the thing that will bring you and your partner together.  In this case, karma was all out of alignment and my cattiness over that guy served as a catalyst for a long relationship.


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