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My Email Obsession

It used to be that email was just that:  email.  Someone typed you a letter or a memo and you answered it.  End of story.  Since the advent of social media, the character of email has changed.  It now serves as your link to attention from others.  For those of us hams who want to make sure that someone is paying attention to us twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, email is our ego stroking outlet.  Want to know if someone answered that silly post to Facebook?  Check your email.  Want to see if your auction on Listia has been bid on?  Has anyone commented on it?  Check your email.  Want to see if anyone liked your latest WordPress contribution?  Yep.  You got it.  Check your email. 

I must confess, I check my email about once an hour.  I get messages from my folks and my husband, notifications of confirmation numbers for hotel stays and airline flights (which I flag – love the flag thing), the latest local Groupon offering, new jobs from recruiters in my field of medicine, whether somebody loved my Pinterest contribution and repinned it.  I just check it to see who in the world is out there thinking about me and caring enough to send some kind of message.  It’s all just a cry:  “Is anybody out there?”  And once I’ve checked my email and found some kind of message, I’m satisfied and feel loved again for about an hour – til it’s time to check the email once again.


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2 thoughts on “My Email Obsession

  1. torontonanny on said:

    I check mine constantly – it’s really an addiction! Great post!

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