Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Blogger Without A Clue

The only thing I can do on this blog is write.  I have been surfing around WordPress, which I am unabashedly addicted to, in search of ways to do savvy things like, oh, I don’t know, add pictures or links or video.  Not that I have any of that stuff to add.  The only thing I have wanted to add so far was a link to another one of my blogs, and I could figure out absolutely no way to do that.  I am technicologically broken.  I swear, I think I’m a reasonably bright person, but the last time I pushed one of those little link buttons, my entire post disappeared (which was not saved, because I am using a Neanderthal browser and unless I choose New Post from one specific spot, the New Post does not have auto save OR a save draft button.  It has only a Publish button.  I don’t feel like publishing every time I want to save. 

Fortunately, the one thing I can do is write, and that was, at least originally, the point of having a blog.  I just have to hope that folks like me on the strength of my writing and don’t need illustrations or video to make it interesting.  I need to sit down and just play with this thing some more – hmmm, idea forming here – maybe I will create a FAKE post that says nothing important.  That way if I lose it while practicing adding media, nothing will be lost because it will just be a TEST.  My husband would be laughing at me if he were sitting here now, because I am sure that he would know at a single glance exactly which buttons to push to make all these things happen.  However, I feel vindicated because I know he does not know how to do a c-section. 

So this will be the No Frills Blog.  Folks will come here from far and wide to avoid the media explosion that are most blogs these days.  I will attract the plain folk.  Maybe Mennonites will follow my blog!  I would go so far as to say that this blog is so simple-minded that I haven’t been able to add even buttons or zippers.  I type this thing between patients in clinic, while my nurse is working up the next one.  So I haven’t been able to explore WordPress on any current browser.  I don’t even know what browser my work computer is on, but I keep getting these flashing warnings that WordPress will no longer be supported on the current browser.  That will be an evil day, indeed, when I am unable to do my WordPress posts during clinic.  Writing these keeps me feeling calm and optomistic about my day.  I will have to bring my own personal laptop from home so I have a current browser.  Maybe then these little buttons and widget-things will actually work as advertised.  Until then, I will continue to blame my simplicity on an expired browser.  And, um, I am sure that is the actual problem.


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