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The Great Escape

The older I become, the more aware I am that movie and TV watching for me are a key way for me to “get out of myself.”  Netflix is my best friend.  My husband and I spend good time enjoying shows together.  Currently we’re catching up on back episodes of Burn Notice, Lie to Me (finished), The Mentalist, Castle, Bones, In Plain Sight and most recently, The Big Bang Theory.  By myself I am watching back episodes of Nip/Tuck, which my husband cannot believe, because I usually hate medical shows (being in the medical field I both feel like I am still at work when I watch them, and I also criticize every little bit of them:  “They would NEVER do it that way!”)  Nip/Tuck is medically not believable but the characters are so well developed that I can actually overlook that.  Tonight we went and saw Taken 2, which was EXCELLENT, I must say.  I love all the physics of the guy triangulating his position with the help of his daughter, and I just love the way he kicks ASS!  No spoilers here.  

I just find that when I watch TV shows and movies, I can really get out of my own life and forget who I am for a while.  And depending on the show, I will either finish relieved that my life is not that bad or at least have just forgotten about the things that are bugging me for a while.  This is a little addictive.  Only my sense of honor (I don’t watch our together shows without my husband) prevents me from spending every waking hour escaping with the TV (oh, and the fact that my DH would kill me if I wasted all my time on the couch).  My current favorites are In Plain Sight and The Big Bang Theory.  I love Mary’s character on In Plain Sight, and it doesn’t hurt that her partner, Marshall, is a total hottie.  And I am just geeky enough (with my physicist husband) to love the “science humor” in Big Bang.  I think those of us with degrees in the sciences have all known those characters on Big Bang in real life.  I love Sheldon to pieces; as my husband put it, “He has both Aspberger’s and OCD!”  As do we all, as do we all.

We have just received the latest available season of Castle, which my husband really really loves.  I think he can see himself as Castle, a bright quirky rich guy dabbling in crimesolving and chasing around a hot police officer.  The show really is pretty damn good.  I’m just waiting to see:  do they ever get together?  No spoilers please; we’re just a few seasons behind but we’re catching up.  The Mentalist is coming soon and I do love Patrick Jane’s winsome smile (not to mention the overly creepy back story, which is always just in the back of my mind).  And Bones is coming, and Tempe has just gotten pregnant, oh my!

I’m afraid if they enrolled me in a study like those rats that pushed the pleasure button until they died, I would push the TV button until I forgot my life entirely.  Let’s face it, my job stresses me out so bad I can hardly see straight.  Just to get away from it for a little while by crawling into someone else’s life is so great!  I know my husband worries about me finding escapist things, and I’m sure he’s noticing, this blog is one of them too.  I hope it’s a little more redeeming than staring at the boob tube all the time. 

I do prefer to watch things at home.  The movie theater is a big experience, and it is my husband’s favorite, but I like to be at home, away from the sticky floors and the teens texting each other in the front row.  I like having a big ole pause button so I can run pee real quick and go get food.  And I am a bit of a home body so I guess that figures in too.  Oddly, when I was pregnant, I was convinced that if I went to a movie theater, that we would be involved in a drive-by and the baby and I would be shot.  Weird, the crap your brain comes up with when you’re pregnant.  I guess that’s a little bit on my mind still, just another silly (but not so completely unrealistic) worry that I have managed to come up with. 

Right now I am at home on the computer, writing a blog piece I can release tomorrow because as crazy as my day may be, I may not have time to come up with one then.  I am trying hard to write a piece a day at least on week days, when I have time between patients.  The best part of right now is:  when my hubby gets home from taking back the babysitter, we’re gonna watch a show!


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2 thoughts on “The Great Escape

  1. I love watching shows in huge chunks… if it weren’t for my husband, I would just sit there until I’d gone through the whole season. It’s like there’s something wrong with my “enough meter.”

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