Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Ten Reasons to Blog

1.  Clawing, indefatiguable need for public attention/adoration

2.  Boredom at work

3.  Urge to show off SAT vocabulary

4.  Nowhere else to put all those silly pictures

5.  Gut wrenching angst and need to express it

6.  More socially redeeming than Pinterest

7.  Frighten friends and family with the threat of personal embarassment

8.  Use cuss words that you would never use around people that you actually know

9.  Revenge

10. A desire to join a community of like-minded writers to share in group snarkiness


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6 thoughts on “Ten Reasons to Blog

  1. There’s your public attention!

  2. All good reasons. 😉

  3. All good reasons.

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