Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Cleaning Day

Very delightful results.  My husband read my blog this weekend, and I mean, the entire thing.  I was wondering if he was ever going to care enough to read it.  We had quite a discussion afterwards, in fact, he woke me up after he read it to discuss.  He was quite put out with what he deemed poor communication on my part; apparently I had communicated my feelings on some issues better on my blog than I had to him.  I think he is forgiving me though.  At any rate, one of my blog posts revolved around how frustrated I feel with all the plastic junk that my husband and daughter have accumulated throughout the house, and my inability to get rid of it.

We woke up this morning, and Kevin announced that we were CLEANING HOUSE and THROWING THINGS AWAY!  I guess he read that post and took it to heart that the awful mess made me twitchy.  We started by explaining to my daughter that we would be giving away a lot of toys that she doesn’t play with, throwing away a lot of plastic and paper crap and giving away a lot of clothes that don’t fit her anymore.  She cried a bit at first, but quickly got into the spirit of cleaning and throwing things away.  I was surprised.  We filled garbage bag after garbage bag and box after box. 

I then tackled my closet and ripped through skirts, dresses, jackets, sweaters, long and short sleeve shirts, and I mean ripped through.  We had five garbage bags full of clothes from just my closet, and my husband got a couple bags out of his.  We even had a whole box of coat hangers to give away.  We had two bags of little kid’s clothes and boxes of toys for the Goodwill.  I cleaned old items out of the pantry and out of the fridge.  It was a very satisfying purge of the whole house.  We got rid of the rat cage of the now deceased rat too, and then we vaccuumed everywhere, now that there were patches of carpet visible.  My husband tackled his office, which is no mean task, but he will certainly be the better for it when he gets it cleaned out.

All in all, it was a purging sort of day.  I felt emotionally purged because my husband read my blog and learned many things (that maybe I should have told him).  Then we emptied the house and that was a physical purge that was equally satisfying.  I hope we can keep up this pace and continue to clean things up until the whole house is in a state where it needs to be.  Then maybe emotionally we will be refreshed and spiritually cleansed, as getting rid of earthly belongings is definitely a purifying act.  I feel that things are getting on the right track.


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