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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Blogging Can Be Addictive

I’m sure this phrase has occurred to almost each and every one of you.  We all want to be writing or we wouldn’t be doing it.  We have a burning need to communicate, and to do it through words.  We are most of us verbal people and we know lots of big words that we want to show off.  But the best thing about this blogging, and the thing I didn’t realize until I started it, is that this is a community of like-minded people who all support and show interest in one another.  I had no idea.  This is really habit forming.  You don’t know until you do it how self-affirming and helpful this feedback is.  One can really get an ego glow from all the attention.  And I admit:  I am addicted to that.  I find myself checking WordPress an embarassing number of times during the day, just to see if someone noticed my new post or if someone has replied to a comment I made.   It doesn’t hurt to be slightly obsessive, which possibly a large number of us are.  I find myself wanting to write more than one post a day, just because the desire to write something down and communicate becomes so strong.

My husband and I have found that my blog is a different (dare I say better?) way of communicating, as I am not always so forthcoming in person.  I avoid conflict.  The first time he read my blog, he read it cover to cover, all of my posts, and was so astonished by some of the things he read that he actually woke me up when he was finished reading.  After his initial outrage at my having communicated so many things yet failing to reach out to him with them, he decided that the blog was a very good idea and very therapeutic for me.  He also decided that continuing to follow my blog might be a source of information that he was currently lacking.  So, embarassingly enough, this blog has become a way of reaching out to my husband and telling him things that might not otherwise be forthcoming.

This does not even bring into the equation the reading addiction.  I don’t read books, I EAT them, and will read almost anything you put in front of me.  I love scanning the writings of the Freshly Pressed (and envying them greatly) and reading all the different viewpoints on different subjects expressed therein.  I also love to make comments and hope that they are useful, or at least supportive.  I love following the blogs I have chosen to follow, and I feel more and more like I know some of these writers. 

So between my writing addiction, my reading addiction, and my clawing need for attention (hah), my commitment to blogging has really soared.  I find also that I love both the weekly writing and weekly photography challenges.  I am a bit of an amateur photographer and I really love having this venue to show my pictures off.  I like the new gallery format, which I have just proudly figured out.  That has been a part of the blogging process also, figuring out this website and how to access the features, and the fun of customizing my site.  All in all, this has been a very positive experience for me and I hope to be doing it for much much longer.


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