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The picture above is supposed to be a perfectly round, stylized picture of a peppermint candy.  It popped up when I transferred it to this blog, but it was subsequently replaced by the dreaded red X.  I ran into this photo on Google Image search and was asked to write a post on what it made me think of.  The answer is, my father and my daughter.

My father loves peppermint.  He can buy an entire bag of Starlite mints and crunch them down, cheerfully reeking of peppermint and piling up wrappers.  He has eaten peppermint since I can remember.  He used to love going to restaurants where they had little mints in a dish at the checkout.  He would mortify my mother by grabbing a handful and blissfully crunching them on the way out.  When his heart went out of rhythm and they did the ablation procedure, they told him he couldn’t have peppermint anymore.  Apparently peppermint can trigger heart arhythmias.  Who knew?  Since then he has cut back a lot, but I have caught him with the odd peppermint in hand.  Apparently he can’t completely do without them.  I will never be able to see or smell peppermint without thinking of my father.

This picture also reminds me of my daughter.  I had a lot of games when I was little, but Candyland was not one of them.  I think it was not intellectually challenging enough; a toddler’s game with pictures of squares on little cards to mark your travel along the board.  I always wanted that game as it was bright and colorful and I loved candy and anything associated with it.  My friends had it and when I was little, I loved to play it.  So when my daughter was about three, we got her a Candyland game.  She still loves to play it, and gloats when she gets a free ride through Gumdrop Pass, or when someone else gets bumped back to the beginning.  I think it was perfectly appropriate for a three year old mind.  I still wish I’d had one, but I can play it with her any time I want to.  She is seven now, and she is playing SlapJack and Old Maid and Go Fish and having a blast with those.  Her father has also gotten her No Stress Chess, and she is learning her way around the chess board.  Her second grade at school has a chess club and he is hoping she will be included.  But her old Candyland game has pictures of candies like the one above, and it always makes me think of that game and her.


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