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Bike Pictures

My daughter and I had a fine afternoon together today.  After she took her “nap” (she was reading in her bed the whole time), she went over to her friend’s house and was extremely indignant that her friend was crashed out on the couch and not playing with her.  She came back fussing about what a bad day it was, so Mommy was the consolation prize.  We braved the buzzing wasps who are making a late fall nest on our upstairs “widow’s walk”, who began to dive bomb us as we went out to the driveway to watch Amanda ride her bike.  I brought my camera to try to get some photos, in particular some black & whites, of her on her bike.  She was fairly accomodating about the pictures – she slowed down on her bike a little and let me snap some shots.  The afternoon sun was at a pretty good angle for the black & whites.  Amanda was unsure why anyone would want to take a picture in black and white.  I explained to her that the effect was all different, and later, when I showed her some of the photos, she said, “They look just like old timey pictures!” 


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5 thoughts on “Bike Pictures

  1. i hope you’re teaching you’re daughter how incredibly cool it is to have freckles! oh, i’d kill to have’em!

    • So far she likes them. We’ll see when she hits about 12!

      • i guess we’re never really a 100% happy with what we’ve got.. i hope she’ll grow up to know better 🙂

      • We’re distressed to see how much she already cares about what the other kids think.

      • what’s worse – kids don’t really care much about who you are as a person (as long as there’s nothing ‘wrong’ with you, then everyone makes it their business), they focus on (expensive) toys and clothing.

        i’m not looking forward to dealing with it once our little girl grows up…

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