Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Election Day

Well, I woke up this morning and the election was over.  Mom told me Obama won.  I’m just glad the election is over.  I must say, at work this morning, it does not seem that the election is over at all.  There is as much arguing and expostulating as there was yesterday.  Maybe some day it will be over.

We celebrated election day because it was my mom’s birthday.  I took her and Daddy and my daughter Amanda to the Melting Pot to eat, because fondue is big fun for everyone!  We drove the thirty minutes into Huntsville and made it just in time for our reservation.  We had a delightful time.  We got one of the four course specials and enjoyed a cheese fondue, a salad, a meat fondue and dessert fondue.  We had big fun knocking each other’s food off our forks and tasting everything.  Unbelievably, Amanda ate cauliflower.  She says she loves it.  I guess we will have to cook some at home.  Mom and Daddy had a celebratory glass of wine, and I was the designated driver.  Amanda was so tired at the end of the meal, she fell asleep in Tuppa’s lap.  She rallied briefly when chocolate covered cherries were mentioned, ate one, then passed out again.  By the time we got home it was ten o’clock and way past her bedtime.  She staggered up the stairs, put on her jammies, and crawled into bed.  I did the same.  I didn’t sleep well; probably all that food too close to bedtime. 

When I woke up the election was over.  I was hoping we could all discuss something else now, but all I hear is moaning and complaining.  Alabama is definitely a Republican state; Romney took it by over 60%, but still, nationally he lost.  All day so far I’ve heard nothing but talk about how we are now doomed as a socialist nation.  I think it is time to pull together as a nation, accept our president, wish him well, support him, and work together to bring about the best outcome we can.  A little respect is due Obama.  He is, after all, the president.


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