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Guess Who Got Their Ears Pierced?

Our darling daughter has been begging to have her ears pierced for about three years.  We have been holding off because we felt she would not be responsible enough to keep them cleaned and rotated.  Finally, just before her seventh birthday, we capitulated.  Or I should say, my husband capitulated, because he was the one who was most staunchly against it.  We decided to make a family outing and a photo op out of the whole event.  We went to Claire’s.  Ask any American woman where she got her ears pierced over the past four decades, and she will likely tell you that her first piercing was at Claire’s.  Mine was, thirty years ago.  We got to Claire’s and the nice lady came over to help us.


Amanda looked a bit apprehensive.  They showed us the Claire Bear, which kids get to hold for comfort while they get their ears pierced.

Claire Bear

Amanda began to look distinctly nervous but she was trying very hard to be brave.

Nervous Amanda

As the nice lady approached to do the first ear, Amanda had a  look of sheer terror.

Sheer Terror

Amanda got this great look after the first ear was done.  She seems to be saying, “Hmmmph, that was a piece of cake!”

Piece of Cake

Triumph!!  Success!!

Triumph! Success!


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