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I learned a new skill!  I read the blog post about how to embed Instagrams into blogs, and I have seen friends using Instagram on Facebook, and I decided I wanted to look into it, since I enjoy photography.  So I typed in Instagram.com and got their site that shows what phone apps are available.  I saw that an app was available for my Android so I went on Google Store and typed it in.  It popped up, and voila, it was free!  So I downloaded it to my phone.  It took just a little while.  It puts an app icon right on the front of the phone, so, easy to find. 

I clicked on the icon and it brought up a camera, although it looked different than my regular camera.  You could take a picture with it just like a regular camera.  Then all these icons popped up at the top and pictures of trees popped up at the bottom.  Turns out the trees are the color filters you can apply to the picture.  Each has a name and a different effect.  You can choose a frame or not by clicking on the little frame icon at the top.  You can choose a watery effect by clicking on the water drop icon at the top.  To save the photo and upload it to Instagram, you click on the green double arrows at the top right. 

You can’t save a photo to your phone without posting it to Instagram, which some of my friends don’t like about Instagram.  For that reason they use other programs.  To upload it to Facebook or Twitter or Flickr, you just click on that icon and highlight it.  You can also upload directly to WordPress, I discovered, although I only figured out how to do that once.  Not sure if I can do it again.  So I am very excited to investigate a new skill, and I am just beginning to learn about the Instagram thing!  It’s easy!  It’s fun!  Check it out!


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2 thoughts on “Instagram

  1. Are you saying one can use Instagram on an Android? I have an Android and thought Instagram was only for iPhones.

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