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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Daily Prompt: Three Letter Words

In case anyone is wondering about this bizarre blog post, a challenge is thrown down to create a blog post with no three letter words.  I am unsure what to write, except today is Friday, indeed, I am on call this weekend so there will be no break.  I already have a leftover labor patient – my partner is trying unsuccessfully to induce these past three days.  I will be stuck with delivering, probably by c-section, alone without help this weekend.  In addition, my husband is hosting an overnight visit with my daughter’s best friends, so we will be invaded by small children overnight on Saturday.  He hired a babysitter to come help on Saturday through Sunday, so he won’t be entirely alone if I am stuck at work.  I’m unsure what he thought when he decided to have this little party on a weekend when I am on call.

I am unsuccessfully dieting.  Up until today, I have lost exactly 1 1/2 pounds, which really doesn’t impress.  I snarfed down a large salad last night.  It contained some pretty healthful things:  mushrooms, peas, fresh bacon with blue cheese dressing.  OK, blue cheese isn’t exactly a diet food.  I am doing much better, though, than in past weeks, where I carelessly stuffed down milkshakes with mozarella cheese sticks, or french fries, or chocolate meringue.  My husband is doing Atkins diet, which always works on Kevin, doesn’t work on me.  It used to work; I think my metabolism is screwed up.  I can’t lose weight to save my soul.  I am very discouraged.

I am eagerly awaiting this week’s photo challenge.  I think those will be my favorite posts.  More readers seem to come to photography than to other subjects.  I have some good pictures stashed away that I will post on Weekly Photography Challenge.  I am so excited about my camera, because I have asked my husband to obtain a macro lens to go on my camera for Christmas.  He found 2 to choose from.  I will look at them when (if) I come home tonight.  Hopefully I won’t be stuck late with a delivery.  That first one he found is an autofocus.  That second one is a closer focal length without autofocus.  I will be thrilled to have either.  My mother wants to look at what Kevin found also, having been searching macros herself.

We’re preparing to go to my parents’ house at Thanksgiving.  This year, my mother wants me to bring a side dish with a dessert that we like.  I cannot decide what to prepare.  I am looking forward to visiting with them, however.  Amanda is really looking forward to spending some time with grandparents.  I think we will do Christmas at home with my folks coming here.  We won’t have to carry a whole bunch of Amanda’s presents back home.  Then, those holidays will be over already; I will feel bereft, wintry, cold.

This no three-letter word thing is very interesting.  It is a good challenge with vocabulary or grammar.  Considering, I think I have done pretty good at composing this post.  I wonder if it would be possible to do without four letter words??!!


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