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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

My Pet Peeves (Or, The Longest Post Ever)

1.  People who have thirty items in the express lane

2.  People who block all the traffic in an entire aisle of the parking lot waiting for that perfect spot that is about to open up.  In about ten minutes.

3.  Little old people who no longer have the vision to drive endangering everyone around them with their blind driving.

4.  People who don’t use their blinkers

5.  People who make right turns out of the left lane

6.  People who bring their children to their gynecology appointments

7.  People who show up twenty minutes late to clinic expecting to be seen, without having made a phone call to let us know they will be late.

8.  People who talk on their cells in the bathroom

9.  People who text and drive

10. People yapping on their cell phones while they should be paying attention to their driving

11. People who have been having the same problem for a year calling and expecting to be seen about it TODAY

12. People who throw their cigarettes out their car windows

13. People who ignore a line and just stand anywhere they feel like, or barge up to the front of the line.

14. Drug reps who insist on talking to you when you are obviously busy and behind

15. The same song over and over and over while on hold

16. Automated phone systems where you can’t get a real person

17. Having to enter all your information in by phone pad at the beginning of a financial call, only to be told that you have to repeat the information when you actually get someone on the line.

18. Telemarketers

19. Telemarketers who won’t shut up when you tell them you aren’t interested

20. Telemarketers who call after my daughter’s (and my) bedtime

21. People who don’t discipline their children

22. Screaming, tantruming children

23. Ignorant people who shouldn’t have children

24. People who do drugs and drink and smoke during their pregnancies

25. Drug addicts who bug me constantly for narcotic prescriptions, which I have no intention of giving them

26. People who don’t flush the toilet

27. People who hound me for extra ultrasounds on their babies

28. “Reality” TV

29. “Stat” labs that take over an hour to get back

30. Medical shows that get all the details wrong

31. People who pass and swerve and weave like crazy just to get one car length ahead

32. Speed traps

33. People who brake through green lights

34. People who don’t turn their brights down

35. People who hate anyone who speaks a foreign language

36. People who don’t try to learn any other languages

37. People who waste their free education

38. Punk ass teenagers

39. “Networking”, the word or the action

40. Small talk

41. Unfriendly neighbors

42. Construction near my house

43. Ticketing for “workers present” when there are obviously no workers present

44. Being on hold and then being disconnected

45. Computer answering machine messages

46. People who throw trash

47. Smack talking

48. Men who sit with their heads down and don’t make eye contact

49. Mean people

50. Narcissitic people

51. Sociopaths

52. Flat soft drinks

53. Banana pudding

54. Rubberneckers at accidents

55. Plagiarism

56. Idiots who run their mouths when they don’t know what they are talking about

57. People with an attitude

58. People who think the world owes them something

59. People on welfare who do drugs, own new cars, always have their hair and nails done, and blingy phones

60. Cell phones turned on in the exam room

61. GPS technology (fail)

62. Obnoxious wait music on people’s cell phone, especially blaring loud in the middle of the night

63. People who page the doctor and then don’t answer the phone when you call them back

64. People who give phone numbers or addresses that they know are invalid

65. People who page the doctor at 5 AM when the pharmacies don’t even open until 9

66. Tailgating on the highway

67. Doing less than the speed limit in the left lane

68. Honking at red lights

69. Road rage

70. Speeding through residential zones where there are children

71. Poorly written computer programs

72. Hackers

73. Computer viruses

74. Phishing scams

75. Overloaded schedules

76. Tangled coat hangers

77. Tangled paper clips

78. Fax machines

79. Copy machines

80. The word “webinar”

81. Noncompliance with rules

82. Poor child supervision

83. People who complain about the quality of free food

84. People who eat off my plate

85. People who chew noisily or with their mouths open

86. People who blow their nose at the dinner table, in their napkins

87. People who interrupt and call it “normal flow of communication”

88. Picky eaters

89. People who won’t try new things

90. People who complain about everything when they travel

91. People who expect everything to be just like the United States when they travel

92. People who have noisy sex in hotel rooms

93. People breaking dishware and then denying it

94. People who watch TV all the time and act like they “know” the characters in their shows

95. Name droppers

96. Star fuckers

97. The word “redonculous”

98. Braggarts

99. Rednecks

100.People who don’t pull all the way up in the gas lines

Anything I missed?  Anything you’d like to add?


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10 thoughts on “My Pet Peeves (Or, The Longest Post Ever)

  1. Was it on the list…people who throw trash out their car windows. Litterers. ugh! Other than that I’d say you’ve listed all my pet peeves and then some! I didn’t know though we’re allowed (whoever allows such things) to have more than one pet peeve. I thought I had to narrow it down. I’m so glad to discover I was wrong cuz I have a lot of them.

    Non-handicapped people parking in handicapped spots piss me right off btw. That might be #1 pet peeve of mine. Those that talk on cellphones as if they are cans attached to string and YELL the entire conversation. For crying out loud I don’t want to know what you’re saying shut up, or go outside! Better yet just shut up.

    Pet peeves really seem to be about consideration for others and simple manners! They are a thing of the past I guess.

  2. I am totally with you except for the banana pudding — I have actually made it from scratch and it really is good, but clearly there is no way to get around the obvious resemblance to a big gob of chunky phlegm, so I understand your revulsion. As for the serial interrupters, my in-laws call that “participatory listening,” I call it reason #425 to marry an orphan.

  3. Oh my….Do you live in Florida? Because half of this list is a daily thing out this way!

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