Rants from the Crib

An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Things I Am Thankful For

1.  A good, decent husband who does far more than his share of the work.  He supports me and lets me rest when I’m tired and he carries out the trash and cooks dinner and (almost never) complains.  When he complains, I know I’ve crossed some kind of line, probably involving lying around in bed reading my Kindle while he does all the work.

2.  A sweet, good, well mannered daughter.  This is no accident.  We have worked so hard to keep her mind on her manners.  She says please, and thank you, and yes sir, and yes ma’am and doesn’t throw tantrums (usually).  She is, however, a very picky eater.

3.  My parents are still alive and live close by.  My dad has some trouble getting around, but his health is generally good and Mom is as spry as she ever was.  Mom is a great cook and keeps us so well fed when we come to visit.  We are so lucky to have them and they are such a Godsend when we need someone to help us watch our daughter when we go out of town.

4.  My job – we could not do without the income.  Let me just say I do not love my job but I am grateful that I have it.

5.  My husband’s job – he loves what he does and we need the income.  I am so thrilled that he actually has a career that he enjoys and finds fulfilling.  So many people (me included) live those much vaunted lives of quiet desperation and feeling lost and unfulfilled in their jobs.

6.  Our house – it is beautiful and I love it, even if it’s falling apart.  I loved it the minute I set eyes on it, and even though it has had some pretty major problems for such a young house, it still has so much personality and is so roomy.

7.  Our health – my husband and daughter and I are very healthy and don’t have any major medical problems.  I have gotten a bit overweight and am fighting that but my husband stays trim and fit and exercises almost daily with his Ju Jitsu, and our daughter is so active, just like her Daddy, that I don’t think she’ll ever slow down long enough to get sick or put on weight.

8.  My sense of humor – couldn’t have gotten this far without it.  Absolutely invaluable.  Helps me cope with things beyond my control and helps me to bond with my husband and friends.

9.  We have enough food to eat.  More than enough.  We don’t cook healthy meals as much as we should, but we could.  We have access to all manner of delicious and exotic food through our local Publix.  Last night we bought pine nuts for a special Thanksgiving recipe.

10. My husband’s sense of humor – we get along so well when we share our senses of humor.  We have a similar wicked turn of thought and phrase that really helps us to enjoy each other.  We enjoy many of the same movies and shows and books and this helps us to better get along.

11. My daughter’s school – she got into the magnet school and is getting a fantastic education.  Her education just fell into place; she spent K3 and K4 at St. Anns Catholic school and received terrific care and education.  We then moved her to a public kindergarten, Walter Jackson, so that she could be tested for the public magnet school.  She tested in just like we’d hoped and is now ensconced in the second grade at Benjamin Davis.

12. Our cars are paid for.  This makes a huge difference in finances.  My husband’s Explorer (Exploder, I call it) is older than my van, and I am hoping one day soon that his car will die so I can give him the van and get a new car.  Preferably not another minivan.

13. Our grounds – we have an acre of land and it is beautifully landscaped.  We just had the landscaping redone last year, with all new sod, and new shrubbery and trees.  It is a bit dicey to take care of, which I have devoted an entire post to here.  But the neighbors all tell us it’s beautiful, and it sure is much better than it was when we moved in.

14. Our housekeeper, Vicki, who keeps our place shipshape and even plants flowers for us outside.  She is so sweet she even offered to cook for me when I was home alone with the baby on maternity leave.  She loves animals and plants and people and is just so reliable and trustworthy.  I don’t know what we’d do without her.

15. This blog – it helps keep me sane and my mind working.  Plus the friends I am making here are helping me a lot.  I feel like I am finally engaging with some new people, which I need desperately to do.  And these friends are of like mind and we are brought together by a love for both writing and photography.

16. My photography – a hobby I love and am fairly good at.  I caught the bug from my mom, who is a very accomplished photographer.  She is especially great with landscapes and nature.  I currently have a Nikon D-5000 and multiple lenses.  I am so excited because I am getting a new macro lens for Christmas!

17. Jewelry making – my true passion.  I would love to make a living doing this one day.  I have a house full of jewelry making supplies, too many if you want to know the truth, and when I feel up and inspired, I will crank out dozens of beautiful pieces.  I do beadwork and stringing and wirework and chain maille and metal work and enamelling.  Right now I’m mainly into stringing, metal work and enamelling, as my eyes aren’t too good lately.

18. Our health insurance – something we take for granted but everyone needs.  Thank goodness my job provides it so that my husband and daughter and I are covered.

19. The nurses I work with – they make my job so much fun and easier.  They are a wonderful group and I will miss them awfully when they move our deliveries over to the other hospital.  Hopefully some will stay on and work over there.

20. Sunshine.  Sunshine make me feel great and tickles my pineal gland.  I need it to help prevent my seasonal affective disorder, which rears its ugly head in the winter, usually after Christmas.  The more sunshine and warmth, the better.


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