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For the Thanksgiving weekend, my father brought home a surprise.  He remembered the days when he and Mom and I used to stand in the front yard for hours batting a badminton birdie back and forth.  He found a badminton set with racquets and shuttlecocks, but no net.  So he bought a full size volleyball net to set up in the yard and play badminton with.  He and Kevin set it up in the yard and the game was on!

Amanda had never seen a badminton set before, so she was given a crash course by her daddy.  There was much wailing as serves were missed entirely, whacked into the net, or falling birdies fell straight into the server’s head.  She’s never been much on learning new stuff -she expects to get whatever it is right away and hates being bad at something or having to practice it.

I, of course, went and got my camera, as I recognized a photo opportunity in the making.  Amanda was not pleased that I was photographing her while she was floundering, but I insisted as always that if she let me take her picture, she would be famous in my blog.  She cannot pass that up.  I got some shots of Kevin lecturing her as well.

Then I decided to grab up a racquet, since I remembered being fairly good at badminton when I was a kid.  This proved to be a bit problematic, as I was wearing boots with at least a two inch heel, and had left my camera with the long lens slapping around my neck.  When we started out, I wasn’t doing much better than Amanda.  We elevated the whole thing to a comedy art form, with Amanda missing the shuttlecock and giggling and me sending it off into the azaleas.  My husband, of course, was supremely competent the whole time, except for one epic moment when he slid on the pinestraw, pulling his groin and whacking his knee.  He shook it off, though and we kept playing until it was almost dark.  My muscle memory was returning to me, and I was pulling off some return backhand shots and some high shots that were pleasing me immensely.

Mom came out into the yard to see what was going on.  She was a bit indignant that the badminton set had been erected just when it was time to do the holiday dishes, and she seemed a bit concerned that there was now a volleyball net semi-permanently installed in her front yard.  At that point, we were giggling and whacking the birdie all over the front yard.  We were distracted only by the discovery of poisonous bright red mushrooms in the yard, and some time was taken out to peer, poke at, and photograph said fungi.

By the end of the game, my feet were killing me in those two inch boots, and I had taken off the camera so it didn’t get joggled and bounced all over while I dived for shots.  We managed a volley of eleven and were pretty proud of that, considering we were drunk off Thanksgiving turkey and our own high good humor.  There was much shouting, and I am certain the neighbors were quite indignant with the racket that was coming from the house right next to them.

I informed Kevin that this was a form of exercise I had always enjoyed and I would not be at all averse to a set appearing in our yard as well.  Maybe not the front yard.  He told me that that was duly noted.  I have a feeling that a badminton set may be forthcoming for Christmas this year.  And as far as I’m concerned, that would be a great thing!


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2 thoughts on “Badminton

  1. Sounds awesome. We had a volleyball net that doubled as a badminton net in our yard as a kid. Some great memories for sure. Great post.

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