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My Two Headed Husband

Behold the amazing two-headed husband!

Two Headed Husband

This was our dog Bella, a beautiful Italian Greyhound.  We had her until her best friend, Nymo, a chihuahua, was killed in our backyard by a coyote.  Bella was heartbroken and so terrified after witnessing the attack, that we could never get her to go outside the house again, despite doggie antidepressants and doggie valium.  Bella started pooping and peeing all over our house as she would not go outside, and the vet advised us to give her away to a family that had expressed interest in her in the past, in hopes she would get a fresh start in a new location, hopefully one without coyotes.  This is one of my favorite Bella pictures.  She was so good with our baby – I really wished we didn’t have to give her away, but it was the best thing for her and as it turns out, the family she went to had a toddler also, so she had another baby to love on.


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2 thoughts on “My Two Headed Husband

  1. Aw! What a shame! Hopefully she can get over her doggy PTSD in her new home.

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