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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

My Precious Point Of View


Why does it blogses?  Well, it blogses about the Precious.  The Precious makes us blog.  Our Precious has been with us forever, Precious has, and Precious will be with us forever more.  Precious made us go find a magic computer, one that would work out in the swamp, it has, and our Precious will help us lead the Lesser Ones to a better understanding.  The Lesser Ones never had a Precious, and they never will!  They will never touch our Precious.  Our Precious is ours and ours alone.  My Precious – it makes us disappear from Orclings and Dwarves and Hobbits and others who would steal our Precious from us.  It makes us strong, the Precious.  It brings us peace on wet nights and strength and hunger.  Our Precious protects our last strands of hair, it does, and makes our eyes so bulgy and big.  We can see the Lesser Ones, Precious and we POUNCES and BITES on the wiggly Lesser Ones, we do.  Tasty wiggly ones for you, my Precious.  We will dines on that tasty Hobbit, the one that follow us and wants our Precious.  It will kill the Lesser Ones who would take the Precious from us, and we will eats them, we will, eats them in one bite or maybe two.  And we will slip our Precious on our finger, and it will makes us perfect, yessss it will, MY Precious.  My Precious brought this magic computer to us and we will learn to speaks on it, we will.  We will blogses for the Precious tells us to.  This will warn the nasssty Hobbitses it will, and the Hobbitses will leave the Precious to us.  It will tell the Lesser Ones to leave us to our computer and our Precious.  We will loves the computer and the Precious and the computer will be a Precious to us also, the magic computer that shows us so many worlds and we will beat the worlds and keep the Precious from all of them.  My Precioussssss…


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4 thoughts on “My Precious Point Of View

  1. very funny!
    made me chuckle while I was reading.

  2. Haha, brilliance. I loved it. I may try something similar!

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