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Stay Away From Computers

I should stay away from computers.  A computer in my hands will just shut down, hiccup, gasp for breath, bring up error messages that I don’t understand.  We use computers at work; we have an online Electronic Health Record for our patients that keeps their charts out somewhere in the Internet ether.  Out in the Cloud, whatever the crap that is.  The laptops and the desktops crash several times a day, losing valuable data that it has taken us valuable time to enter.  A physician’s office is about nothing if not time.

I tried a very stupid experiment tonight.  My WordPress has not been running well and I have to keep using something called Compatibility View.  I am sick of seeing that and WordPress keeps offering me smooth promises of an easy fix:  I have to update my internet browser.

I, me, update my internet browser.  How could I be so presumptuous?  They offer a link to click and there they are, all the browsers with their update info.  They each promise one easy click.  I’m sick of not being able to see my galleries on my own blog posts, so today I clicked.  The hard drive whirred and the screen flickered, and then I had to reboot.  After I rebooted, Everything.  Was.  Different.

I had to go hat in hand downstairs to find my husband.  This is not the first time this has happened.  I watch him with his easy computer skills, clicking on this and flashing back to that and deleting this and adding that and I think, “I can do that.”  I need to stop thinking that.  My computer was completely FUBAR.  I expected him to lecture me; he usually does, but this time, he just said, “Don’t worry.  Whatever it is, we’ll fix it.”

Well, I sat and watched him fix it for like an hour.  While he did it, he did some fine tuning, he added some new updates, he added some new safety features.  And I was once again awed with the ease with which he does these things, and the ease with which I do not.  He restored the smoldering wreckage and I seem to have a functioning computer.  I thank him, for more reasons than one.  This gave me a topic for today’s blog post.  I was about to fail at my postaday, and miss my first daily post since about July.  Now I can talk about my complete and utter incompetence with computers.

I am completely incompetent with computers.  I should stick to blog posts and Facebook.  Maybe not even Facebook.  There are scary things you can click there too.  I will stick with email.  And WordPress.  I will say this:  WordPress is running a whole lot more smoothly now.  I should stay away from computers.


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4 thoughts on “Stay Away From Computers

  1. At least you have domestic tech support. When my electronic universe lands in the toilet, I end up speaking to a series of liars in Hyderband, India whose English is completely unintelligible, and none of whom will admit that his real name is not Shane.

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