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New Year’s First Day

Well, today is New Year’s Day.  That means there was no Zombie Apocalypse while we slept (at least not in this part of the world – maybe NYC is a smoking ruin for all I know).  Today is the very last day that the Labor and Delivery unit at my hospital will ever be open.  Everyone is very sad.  We are all scared to move to the hospital across town where we don’t know our way around and we don’t know anybody.  The nurses are packing up all their things from the fifteen years that the unit has been open.  I have been there for almost ten of them.

A bigger hospital came and scarfed up both of the local hospitals in our town.  Then it started tearing them both down, piece by piece, moving things here, closing things there.  Our L&D and pediatrics units are the first to go.  As of tomorrow, everything goes to the hosptal across town.  So we have to get new badges, and new parking spaces, and maps, and learn how to use their computer system.  Everything new.  The nurses will be strange to us.  New anesthesiologists, new operating rooms.  Everything.

I turned in my notice two weeks ago.  It wasn’t just the closing of the Labor and Delivery unit, that we worked so hard to build up.  It wasn’t just the consolidation of the hospitals, it was a bit of everything and then some.  My husband and I had been talking about me working part time for over a year.  I’m just unhappy working all the hours I am.  I am missing our daughter growing up.  March 1 will be my last day and then I will become a locum tenens.  A travel doctor.

My first stop will be North Dakota.  North Dakota!  Lord, what was I thinking?  There’s so much SNOW up there!  I’m a Southern girl.  I don’t do snow.  I’ll have to meet all these new people.  I’m nervous and excited at the same time.  Mostly nervous.  There are so many things to take care of before March 1 comes.

I’m trying to decide when I should move my things out of my office.  I guess I should take care of a little bit at a time.  Take diplomas and such off the walls and bring them home.  I won’t have an office where I’m going.  We have to get health insurance lined up before my last day.  Can’t be bare one day without coverage.  But right now it is New Year’s, and I’m just trying to relax.  I hope we can get everything done.

Today we are doing laundry and taking down the Christmas decorations.  Another sad venture.  The end of the holidays, then plunged into cold dark winter.  This is a difficult, sad time for me.  Missing my nurses already.  Missing the holidays.  I hope the new year to come will be all I can hope for.  I hope I will be more fulfilled working part time than I am now.  I have many hopes for this new year.  And many fears.  I will just try to keep my chin up for all the changes to come.

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2 thoughts on “New Year’s First Day

  1. Good luck with your new venture and have a happy new year. 🙂

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