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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

Hell Is Other People

Today was our first day at the new hospital.  We had two c-sections scheduled back to back, on an unfamiliar Labor and Delivery unit with (mostly) unfamiliar nurses.  Everyone was nervous to be working with new people.  The scrub tech was zooming around at the speed of light getting things ready because she was so nervous.  We didn’t even know how to find our way up from our (wrong) parking spaces to our destination on Labor and Delivery.  We didn’t know where the surgery suites were.  The masks and face guards were new and unfamiliar.  The surgical equipment was unfamiliar.  The suture was different.  I didn’t have a dictation number, so I couldn’t even dictate the surgeries that I had just done.  The postop orders were different.  We had sheets to sign that didn’t even exist at our own hospital.  We were all completely out of our comfort zones.

After we survived the c-sections, I had to go do my hospital orientation.  That’s right.  I said after.  So I was being given an ID badge and information about how to get around the hospital after I had already fumbled my way around and done my c-sections.  I took a lovely photograph for my new badge, since I had gotten up at the crack of dawn and had had a hat on my head for two full surgeries.  I got a tour of the hospital that was completely incomprehensible.  The place is ancient, and things have been added on and added on until the whole place is one disjointed rat maze.  They have lines drawn on the floor to try to get you from place to place.  I was given a whirlwind tour of Labor and Delivery, the postpartum and pediatrics area, the surgery center on the second floor, various medical plazas, HR (which is OUTSIDE for crying out loud), the other Ob/Gyn office, the doctor’s lounges, dictation areas, medical records, and the doctor’s dining area.  Like I’m going to remember all that stuff.

Then I had an hour training session on the computer system in the new hospital.  That’s right.  We have to learn a whole new computer system.  And we’re supposed to be ready to use it after an hour of training.  All our results are there.  We are supposed to sign all our orders through that system, and look up vital signs, and labs, and consult reports, and dictations.  One hour of instruction.  The girl who was doing the teaching was very nice but she didn’t seem all that optomistic.

I hate to be such a negative blogger, but my life is really not on a positive course right now.  I’m having to learn a whole new hospital, and then, in six weeks, I’m off to North Dakota to learn another one.  I am really unhappy when I am lost and in unfamiliar territory.  Now I have to go all the way across town from my office to round on my patients, do circumcisions, etcetera,  It will waste at least thirty minutes of my time every time I have to go over there and back.  Forget sleeping in in the mornings any more!  There is rampant confusion about the new combined call schedule, and who rounds on whose patients when, and now I find out that on call days I have to go over to the other unfamiliar Ob/Gyn office to see my patients.  My nurse is freaking out.  I am freaking out .  This is all very inconvenient and very uncool.

Then I get to clinic this afternoon and everything is all cattywhompus.  Every patient seems to have some weird problem.  None of the appropriate paperwork has been filled out.  Records are in the wrong places.  The computers aren’t working.  I’ve just resigned myself that today is NOT going to be my day.  And when I get home, I’m sure my husband will have things he wants me to do, like finishing putting away the Christmas things, or Lord knows what, when all I want to do is put my feet up and absorb my day.  I need some down time. 

All I have is six more weeks and I’m outta here.  I know every place has its own set of problems, but this office is a kind of an existential hell.  My nurse and I were just discussing that if we died and went to Hell and Hell for us was sitting in this office for all eternity, we would try to kill ourselves all over again.  I am so ready to work part time and do some traveling.  Even if the traveling is to North Dakota.  It’s got to be better than this.  So I apologize if this blog is a total bummer.  It’s a reflection of me, and right now I’m feeling very put upon, and very lost, and very irritable, and that will probably be my tone for the next I-don’t-know-how-long.  At least six weeks, til I get out of here.  It will take a very special day to cheer me up.  So for right now I’ll be venting.  I hope that doesn’t alienate anyone, but I know it’s good for me.


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5 thoughts on “Hell Is Other People

  1. At least after this, flying will hold no fear or aggravation whatsoever.

  2. Change is tough. Unfortunately as you get older, change gets harder and harder to deal with. I could cope much better with change when I was in my 2os or 30s, but I just changed jobs this week (I am 51) and just the thought of driving to a new place and dealing with new people, new office equipment was horribly stressful for me. I couldn’t believe how much I let it effect me.

    I imagine with the type of work you do– you have enough stress even without monumental change, so it had to be pretty crazy for you–understandable. Don’t beat yourself up too much about venting.

    At your current job, just keep thinking –no place can be worse than this, so you will be very thankful and appreciative when you finally get into your new part-time role and more than likely, a more pleasant atmosphere.

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