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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

My Doctor Passed Away

My GI doctor passed away this week of renal cancer.   I liked him very much.   He was a very brilliant verbal person with a razor keen wit.  He always had the funniest retorts and comebacks.  But his cancer didn’t respect any of that. 
My doctor was always “catching ” me eating all the wrong foods in the doctor’s lounge.   He had carefully explained to me about my bad gastric reflux, and about the medicines I was taking and how and why they worked.   He explained why I had the dietary restrictions I did.
He worked in the same hospital I did every day and I always saw him in the OR and the hall and the lunchroom. 
I remember when he was first diagnosed with cancer- he had been losing weight and was somehow ignoring it.  They found out the cancer was in his kidney and at first they weren’t even sure he would survive the surgery.   Then it wasn’t as bad as they thought it would be and that he might be OK.   He came back to work and then a couple months later the cancer came back in his lung.  Then he quit work for the last time.   We all hoped he could come back but we knew he wouldn’t.
He really will be missed.  He was a good man.


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