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An Ob/Gyn gone mad

I Could Tell You, But…

Well, dammit, what’s a girl to do? I have been trying to do the postaday things for about six months now, and I’ve been mostly succeeding, but recently, most of my posts have had to be private, because of highly sensitive material. Highly sensitive material because I don’t want to be sued or run out of town on a rail. And I’m just DYING to tell a few (thousand) people about them.

Let me just say, the first private post I published was about a guy I used to date who had a closed room full of sadistic pornography. Unfortunately, there were enough details about this (interesting though twisted) guy in the post that someone from that town (and a big town it was) could probably identify him. So, no go.

The second private post I just published was about some business skullduggery that is going on in my town with the Ob/Gyn practices. Suffice to say, I think it’s pretty scummy but I am not at liberty to discuss it. Let’s just say it’s about as low down as you can get. And, no, I am not having anything to do with it. But I would love to rant about it. Publically. But I just can’t. Maybe I’ll publish it a few months down the road, when I am out of here for good.

My husband didn’t even think I should have published the post about my struggles with health insurance and what scumbag bastards those guys are. He seems to think someone who knows me will find it. He has made me totally paranoid about the internet by mumbling things like, “Spiders gonna crawl…” So he’s scaring me about publishing anything really really personal. But isn’t that the point of blogging? Sharing yourself and your most private information with complete strangers? Apparently it isn’t the strangers who are the problem…

So I just really want to let you know, I have all this really hot gossip and I want to share it!  But I can’t.  I just want you guys to know, though, I’m not a slacker.  I’ve written all these hot and controversial posts and I’ve had to publish them privately.  It’s just breaking my heart.  I’d love to have some feedback on em, ya know?  So if my posts seem to be falling by the wayside, I haven’t given up.  My life is just so fascinating and cloak and dagger.  And I’d love to tell you.  But then, as they say, I’d have to kill you.  And it’s so hard to track people down on the internet.


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7 thoughts on “I Could Tell You, But…

  1. It’s tough when you have personal things o write about but you can’t share it because it may come back to bite you in the ass. I generally don’t have anything that sensitive to write about, but I can imagine it’s tough finding the balance!

  2. I keep a locked blog for that reason, for when I just need to vent. Helps me a lot! Sorry things have been a bit rough and highly sensitive lately!

  3. I get the quandry. I write some personal stuff too. BUT I’m writing under a completely fake name AND no one I know (and maybe write about) even knows that WordPress exists so I’m pretty safe. If I wrote under my real name or had a clue that anyone I know (like those evil inlaws I write about in Solemn Anniversary series) I’d write in an entirely different manner. Or not at all. You have an added burden of confidentiality…HIPA laws and all that. So I get the problem. Changing the names doesn’t always give enough of a viel unfortunately. I talk to friends about cases I’m dealing with but never ever mention the person’s name. Its a small town and they might know them. I have no desire to compromise their right to privacy. But there is that pesky constitutional right to freedom of speech. You have a extremely fine line to write in…about your experiences but without compromising confidentiality. I don’t know what your solution is except change some details that would lend a “maybe” scenario? If someone were to read your posts, they can think is it “maybe” this person or that? You can then deny. I feel for you though and I want to read what you want to write!!!!

  4. I get what you are saying. I try to be pretty anonymous on my blog, the few people in my real life who know about the blog do so themselves. It’s like we have a secret society and oath not to talk about them.

    I would love to start a blog or something to share all the fun that comes in working in HR (not at the sake of the employees; it’s always management that brings the laughs) but with my luck someone will figure something out right when I am applying for a promotion.

    • Your HR stuff always sounds hil-arious! I have a lot of things that patients do that I would love to share, but they could be recognized from the details I give and that would be BAD. I think there’s a $40k fine for HIPAA violations.

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