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Traveling Guck


When I left for my 3 week engagement in North Dakota, my daughter gave me Guck to travel with me so I wouldn’t forget her (like I could ever do that). Guck has slept in bed with me every night. Guck goes to clinic with me every day and sits on the counter and helps me with my charts. The nurses think Guck is very cute and love that my daughter gave him to me to travel with. They’re not sure how she could give him up since he is obviously so well loved. Guck has been featured widely in our Skype conversations and in clinic photos I have texted for my daughter. I have special plans for Guck. When I have time to explore around here and when there is snow for beautiful photos, I plan to feature Guck in all the pictures just like the traveling gnome in Amelie. Then my daughter will have a special souvenir of my travels with Guck!

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5 thoughts on “Traveling Guck

  1. Like. I really don’t think there is more to say.

  2. Aww.. I love your daughter idea, you are so blessed, I wish if I have a daughter she will turn up to be as thoughtful and as sweet as yours.
    Love your idea on Guck’s picture as souvenir, very original 🙂

  3. Please share some of your Guck photos as you take them. I love stuff like this!

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