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Things To Do Alone In A North Dakota Hotel Room


Not THAT, ya pervs.

1.  Listen to Duran Duran on your computer.  Watch the swirly designs in time to the music.  Ponder the lyrics.

2.  Make earrings.  Dozens and dozens of pairs of earrings.  And an owl necklace.  With matching earrings.

3.  Gaze out at the snow and think how neat it is that you are somewhere that it is snowing.

4.  Dance around to the song “Milkshake”.  Damn right, it’s better than yours.

5.  Cuddle the stuffed duck your daughter sent with you.

6.  Smell your clean laundry.  Marvel at how clean the fleece and the Cuddl Duds and scrubs are.

7.  Check WordPress to see if anyone liked your post.  Check it again.

8.  Charge your phone.  Try to figure out how to turn off the alarm that goes off every time you get a Tweet.

9.  Drink soft drinks out of the little refrigerator.  Marvel that they didn’t explode in the car.

10. Wish fervently that a new episode of Big Bang Theory was coming on TV.

11. Recheck Facebook to find out how many of your friends, doctors and nurses, have been fired in your hometown today.  Be deeply thankful that you got out of there when you did.

12. Make more earrings.

13. Talk to your Mom on the cell phone.  Tell her about the exploding soft drinks.  Discuss how many inches of snow they are getting in the Midwest right now.

14. Plan how you will take snow pictures with your daughter’s stuffed duck in them.  Plan to photograph the duck on the giant dinosaur outside the dinosaur museum.

15. Watch the static electricity make blue sparks under the sheets on the bed.

16. Make WalMart shopping list.  Nail clippers.  New hairbrush since you destroyed the old one this morning drying your hair.

17. Listen to the heat cut on and off, on and off…

18. Check Etsy to see if any jewelry sold.  Check Pinterest to make sure you didn’t miss any awesome shoes.

19. Fill out job paperwork.  Wonder how the hell you will print it out without a printer.

20. Miss your husband and little daughter like crazy.  Wish you could have Skyped longer.


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11 thoughts on “Things To Do Alone In A North Dakota Hotel Room

  1. Nice! I love the colors and the owl.

  2. lol!!! You’re settling in just fine! *cough*…you know what I did when I spent a few days in a hotel in ND? I read the PHONE BOOK!!! The yellow pages can tell you a lot about the town. You need a deck of cards and/or a good book. Me? I opted for a bottle of something strong while I read the phonebook….just saying.

  3. It sure beats watching paint dry, which I think is the alternative:)

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