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Freshly Pressed: The Aftermath

I feel all obligated, in the wake of my fabulously flattering Fresh Pressing, to come up with exciting, insightful blogs for all my new followers who will be expecting great things to me.  (That’s why yesterday I posted a photo of my jewelry in a hotel bathtub).

First, I must say that being Freshly Pressed was all that I dreamed of and more.  Ever since I found out what Freshly Pressed was, I was dying to be chosen for it, as I suppose an overwhelming majority of bloggers must.  Maybe not.  Maybe not everyone thrives on praise and stroking the way I do.

When I got the email, there was a lot of excited shrieking, followed by a bit of disappointment that there really weren’t too many people I could share my exciting news with.  After all, I don’t want people who actually know me to follow my blog.  It’s just too personal.  I find a lot of bloggers feel that way; it’s easier to share the dirty little details with relative strangers than it is to share with people who are in your life, who might judge or feel differently about you.  I couldn’t even tell my parents, because I don’t want them reading my blog.  So, my husband was it.  And half the blogosphere.

It wasn’t as hard to keep up with the likes and comments as I thought it would be.  One thing I did fall down at doing was checking out the blogs of my new followers.  I’ll be doing that next.  I did manage to answer all the comments.  Everyone was overwhelmingly kind.  No one said anything mean at all.  I had decided I would not delete negative comments, unless they were obscene and abusive, because I feel everybody has the right to their opinion, and I was not going to censor just because the commentor and I didn’t see eye to eye.  But I didn’t even have to contemplate that, because everyone was really supportive and nice.

This Fresh Pressing was what I needed to jump start my blogging again.  For months, I produced a post a day, but kind of fell down on the job when I started working as a travel doctor.  It was easier for me to post daily before I changed jobs, because we were on a computer medical records system, and it took the nurses so damn long to enter their data, that I found myself twiddling my thumbs, surfing the net, and, ultimately, revisiting my blog to use up the time I had to spend waiting between patients.  Once I began traveling, I had day trips to make to explore my surroundings, call to take, television to distract me (we don’t have cable at home), and a rebirth of interest in my jewelry making.  I fell behind on my posts and went almost a whole month without producing one.

So this has been just a super encouragement to me, and I feel so gratified and flattered that I must consider some better posts.  Once I get home, I’ll have access to my photos on my desktop, and I can start responding to photo challenges and putting pictures into my posts.  Right now I’m just trying to keep up.  For the past week, I’ve been on call for 5 of the 7 days I’ve been here.  That’s kept me a little busy.  I have managed to keep up using my Android Word Press app, which I really must give kudos to.  It’s a great app!  You can upload photos from your phone to your posts, write posts on your phone and submit them, and access all the categories available on the site.  The Reader, Freshly Pressed, My Posts, Comments, and Stats are all available there, and much more.

So today I’ve been doing a little writing.  I hope I’ve been able to give y’all a feeling for the Freshly Pressed experience, if you have not been so yourself.  I will now try to increase the quality and quantity of my writing, and perhaps I will not feel compelled to print pics of my jewelry in a bathtub.  But I probably will continue with the foolishness – I like foolishness.  If you are new followers, I hope you will enjoy this blog.  If you are long term followers, I sure thank you for sticking with me!

I think my next post may be a summary of what this blog is about (although there are a pretty broad range of topics).  My Categories section pretty much explains things as well as I can.  But I’ll see what I can do for creating an overarching mission statement, so to speak.  Happy Saturday, everyone!


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10 thoughts on “Freshly Pressed: The Aftermath

  1. Hey congratulations!! That’s exciting. It’s such a thrill, isn’t it? That validation as a writer feels so good and comes as such a wonderful surprise. I have to go find your FP post now.

  2. kellyscott57 on said:

    I’ve tried to get one of my blogs on the Freshly Pressed site and to no avail!
    I’ve wondered does one have to pay to use wordpress? for this??? I’m currently a free user. just wondering!

    • No, you dont pay. The editors watch what people are posting about on their blogs and they choose things for any number of reasons. I had a post a few months ago that I thought was great,, but they didn’t pick it. You just have to keep at it!

  3. Had no idea! Congrats–that is wonderful! Which blog entry? Love that your talent was recognized.

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