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Girl’s Night Out

I have succeeded in addicting my daughter to shopping and clothes.  I agree, this is probably very irresponsible of me.  However, shopping, and clothes, and shopping for clothes are three of my favorite things, in no particular order.  I get to buy my daughter more clothes than I get to buy for me, because I have way too damn many clothes already, and yet my husband still recognizes when I have bought something new.  Damn him.  I get to buy my daughter clothes because she is growing, and ergo requires new clothes nearly all the time.  According to me.

My daughter has already developed quite the fashion sense.  I won’t say it is mine, exactly, but that’s OK.  I’ve seen weirder stuff than she picks out coming down the runways.  In fact, with her wild use of color, and trademark boots with every outfit, she will probably be a designer one of these days.  The clashing prints are a bit too much for me.  We are working on that.

Wednesday night, we had a girl’s night out.  I am leaving to go work on Sunday, and will not be back until June 1, and then for only one day.  I asked her to choose what she would like to do on our night out, and she chose shopping over a movie.  Yay me!  I have always hated wasting a beautiful day sitting in a movie theater.  Movies are for dark, or rain, when you can’t be out doing anything else.

Of course we had to run around the fountain about a hundred times.  At least, she did.  I took pictures of her doing that, and then pictures of her climbing up the big giant horse out in front of PF Chang’s, and then pictures of her dangling from a lamp pole she had shimmied up.  Might I note that she performed all these activities in a smocked front lilac cotton dress, a white hoodie, and a pair of studded white cowboy boots.  Perfection.  We then had to ride the escalator down and then up, just because we could.

Of course we had to work some shopping in there.  We went to H&M, and lo and behold, the same scarf she had picked up and begged for was sitting right there.  Except now it was marked down from twenty-some dollars to $3.50.  How could I not?  We found a bikini on sale, cute nautical design, because she said she was outgrowing her last season’s one.  It was a bit skimpy for my taste, but she’s in great shape and has no stomach at all, so I guess she’s entitled to wear it.  It wasn’t slutty.  Just a bit skimpy.

We went to the Gap and the Great Gap Saga began.  She begged for various things in the store, and I variously refused.  She denied a need for underwear or socks.  We found a cute romper on sale and I told her she could have that.  The store manager told us we would get an additional 30% off if we used our Gap card.  Well, I just happened to have one.  When I paid it was declined.  And declined again.  We looked into it, and it turns out that the Gap automatically cancels your card if it hasn’t been used in 6 months.  Seriously?  I refused to renew it.  I resent that.

Then we went to the men’s side, because the Gap is one of the stores that carries a true men’s small.  We found some cute v-neck t-shirts in nice colors on sale, but I wasn’t sure if my husband would wear v-necks.  So I texted him.  No answer.  “To heck with this,” I told my daughter.  “We’ll go back and get them if he texts back.”

She wanted to go to Justice, which is a little girl’s store that is just a bit too T & A for my taste.  Rather adult looking clothes.  And the colors are so bright it looks like Walt Disney threw up in there.  Not to mention the little notebooks, and diaries, and pillows, and erasers, and stuffed animals – ridiculous swag that will cause you to be begged to death, because you are not letting any of that crap in your house.  Every now and then I’ll pick her up a little skirt there – Justice is one of the few places that adds built-in shorts to its skirts for older girls.  That beats having to wear a regular pair of shorts under the skirt to school, since seven year-olds aren’t exactly cautious about waving their legs in the air.

My husband texted back.  He wanted the v-necks.  He didn’t want the long-sleeved ones.  So back to the Gap we went, but no longer armed with a Gap card.  While we were back in the store, hubby wanted to know if they had white socks and underwear.  We’ve had a devil of a time finding stuff that fits that doesn’t have horrid colors and logos all over it.  They had the underwear, but I wasn’t sure about the right size.  I texted him back.  He didn’t answer, didn’t answer, didn’t answer, didn’t answer.  Meanwhile, my daughter, bored, had begun crawling under the racks of clothes.  She took a shelf of hats for sale and piled every last one on her head.  I actually got a pretty cute picture of that.  “Forget this,” I told her.  “We’ll come back if he answers.”

Then we found a train and of course had to ride it.  It went around and around the outdoor mall.  She waved her new scarf at passers-by.  We stopped for yogurt – one of those ridiculously expensive places that lets you serve your own yogurt and then put toppings on it.  My daughter’s usual MO is to start with very little yogurt and pile a BUNCH of crap up on top.  Juice balls, cookie dough bits, Andes mint pieces, gummy worms, chocolate sauce, sprinkles, M&Ms, whipped cream.  Yak!  Yet another pile of Technicolor grossness.

My husband never answered, so I went back and got the underwear and the socks.  The third trip to the Gap.  I was heartily sick of the Gap by then.  I think they were heartily sick of us as well, as my daughter was not liking the Gap anymore and was distinctly antsy.

At last, it was time to stop by the Chocolate Crocodile and buy candy for home.  My daughter selected her usual disgusting jelly wedge fruit gummies.  I got sugar-free cappuccino truffles.  We found some Key Lime bark with a gummy lime slice embedded in it and bought it as a joke for my husband, since he loves Key Lime Pie.  And off we went, with my daughter all whacked out on sugar and clutching her new clothes.  Girl’s night out, by any standards, was a raging success!  Except for maybe the Great Gap Saga.  Home just in time for shower and bed.


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2 thoughts on “Girl’s Night Out

  1. kellyscott57 on said:

    good for you!
    some I think wouldn’t take the time to shop for their kids, I know some and I wont name names! some might say “get a job buy your own clothes” I can hear it now!
    so good for you…God bless you for taking time out of your busy schedule !!

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