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White Out: Snow On Alabama


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3 thoughts on “White Out: Snow On Alabama

  1. Great snow shots! It has been a long time since we’ve chatted. How are things in the snowy south? Is it really true that people lose their minds when they get snow down there? It really isn’t a surprise, there are far too many people up here that lose it too. Life long New Englanders who completely forget how to drive as soon as the first flakes fall drive me nuts! Then again, I kind of like driving in snow.

  2. The snowy south did go nuts. My daughter was out of school for a week. When snow is predicted, all the milk, bread and toilet paper disappear from store shelves. I’m not really sure how these items are supposed to provide defense against cold weather – maybe they stuff the toilet paper into their clothes like poor man’s down feathers? Beats me…

  3. Beautiful snow photos…I love snow, but I much prefer to appreciate its beauty from inside a nice, warm, toasty house! I’m from Florida and can also confirm that yes, Southerners go crazy when it snows. My neighbors in Germany looked at me quite strangely when I ran outside screaming (I was 23 years old) and whooping, so excited to finally make my first snow angel with the first snowfall of our first winter there. But now, after three years of that, I’d rather admire from inside!

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