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Weekly Photo Challenge: Gone But Not Forgotten

Dawn Brancheau

Dawn Brancheau and the Whale

I took this picture during a family visit to Sea World.  Not long after our trip, I learned that Dawn was killed by the Orca Tilikum, who had attacked and drowned at least one other person.  I also learned that her family begged that the whale be spared because that is what their daughter would have wanted.  The joy on her face is so haunting; she was doing the one thing in the world that she truly loved.  Yet later, one of those whales would seize her by her ponytail and drag her around under the water until she drowned.  I can scarcely think of a more terrifying way to die.  I am amazed at the grace that her family showed; the whale was spared and now lives in a private area of the park.


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