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I’m Done!

Last.  Day.  At.  My.  Soulcrushing.  Job.  Forever.

Best.  Valentine’s.  Day.  Evah.


The Worst Is Yet To Come

It has been very difficult to come with a daily post lately because there is a depressing sameness to my life.  I come to clinic, day in and day out, and take call every week.  Things are changing so fast.  They have closed the labor and delivery unit at my hospital, and now we have to drive across town to do deliveries and major surgeries.  They have combined the nurses at this hospital and the nurses at the other hospital on labor and delivery, in the nursery, and on pediatrics, and all the nurses from over here are having to learn their way around over there.  On our call days, we will have to go across town and have clinic in the strange clinic where we have never been.  One of their doctors will have to come over here since there is not room for everyone.  We are on two different medical records systems and there is no way to combine them.  Eventually we will all have to learn a third medical record system.

And then I am leaving.  I am counting down the days – my last clinic day is February 14.  So Happy Valentine’s to me!  I can’t wait to be out of here – out of all the confusion of merging two practices, two labor and delivery units, and two hospitals.  Of course, then, I will be learning a third hospital with all total strangers when I go to North Dakota to do my locums.  So I’ll be starting all over again.

Today we held a lunch meeting (while I wanted to be taking my nap) about the logistics of rotating clinics.  I will be the first one to do this, and it will be tomorrow.  My nurse and I are so unprepared.  They haven’t been able to let us know which lab we will be using, which pathologist, or even which clinic room we will be working out of.  We need a pulse ox and thermometers and they don’t even have those over there.  They don’t even read OB ultrasounds over there, or even do them if the patient is on Medicaid.  This is just going to be a major cluster, and I will be here just in time to enjoy the worst of it.  I am stressed out and discouraged.

And then we have the major planning that comes with a job change for me.  My husband and I have to sit down with an attorney and decide if I will form a corporation for my new locum endeavors, or just submit tax forms at the end of the year.  We have to find new health insurance.  We need to sit down with a CPA.  We keep planning on making a list of all the things we need to do, and we seem to just keep avoiding it.  And my husband is a lot better than I am about not sticking his head in the sand.  There is just so much, it’s unimaginable.  And in the meantime, I have new passwords, and a new badge, and new phone numbers, and new passcodes and new dictation numbers for this hospital across town.  And I will just need those for six weeks, and then I will be out of there and on to a NEW hospital. 

I am stressed.  I keep taking naps to get away from myself.  I can’t stand all the stress.  As much as possible, I’m trying to just not think about anything.  But that’s awfully difficult, with all these meetings we’re having, and how upset everyone is about all the changes and all the questions that we have that are unanswered.  We are recognizing that this whole switch will be a total cluster.  And then I’ll be leaving, and doing something entirely else.  I can’t wait to leave.  It means I’ll be done with this place, and these people, and by then all the new preparations for my new job will be taken care of.  I hope.

So that will be the shape of my life until February 15.  Then I’m on my way, to newer and greater things!

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