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New: Weekly Photo Challenge

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New snow.



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My First Call Day In A New Place

Well, for the first time yesterday in six months I missed my daily post. I was on call, at a strange hospital, busy, and I couldn’t get a functioning copy of WordPress to come up on my computer over there. What a day it was. First thing, I went to the new Labor and Delivery unit and rounded on all the OB patients. While there, I managed to offend one of the doctors in the other group by questioning whether or not I was supposed to see one of his patients. He went back to their clinic and complained loudly to anyone that would listen that I had refused to see his patient. This was within earshot of my nurse and our office manager, who reported the bad feelings back to me.

Next, I had to go to a strange clinic to see patients. I had to borrow another doctor’s office, and another doctor’s exam room. The powers that be had decided that on our call days at the new hospital, we would see patients at the clinic over there so we would be close by to the action. This necessitated sending one of their doctors over to our clinic, which caused all kinds of hard feelings apparently. In fact, my visit over there must have been so awful that at their noon clinic meeting, they refused to switch clinics ever again. Which was fine with me because it was a royal pain in the ass carrying my work computer over there, along with my nurse. But we will never have to do that again. So, totally failed experiment.

Then I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening on their labor and delivery unit. One of my partners from our office sent me an ectopic pregnancy to operate on, so I did that. A whole bunch of patients came in and out of labor and delivery to be triaged. I did two deliveries, both our patients, at nine and eleven thirty. Then I got to lie down. I got a call from the ER at I don’t know what time – they had a patient about ten weeks pregnant who was bleeding who had to be sent upstairs for observation. Somehow, her bleeding did OK and I got to sleep. I had dreams about her the whole time though.

Come seven AM I was more than ready to hand my call over to the next person.I had to get a rounding sheet ready for my partner and get across town to my usual clinic with computer in hand. It was of course raining on me as I carried all my stuff out of the hospital. I am now in my clinic over here and exhausted. I am planning on taking a nap at lunch if I possibly have the time. I am really looking forward to that. Then I should be able to go home to my family.

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