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A Very Bad, No Good, Very Awful Day

This daily blog post thing is really hard when the bad days hit. I had the most unbelievably bad day today; I am so agitated I can barely sit still. I would talk about that except I really don’t want to talk or think about it any more. I wrote a blog post yesterday, but I had to publish it privately because the person I was discussing would be easily recognizable from my post, and I don’t need to get sued. Too bad. It was an interesting post. We talked about snuff films and stuff.

This morning I found out that my new job in North Dakota may be in jeopardy, due to some creative scheduling by the hiring hospital that involved them hiring four doctors instead of two.  So my two weeks work a month is cut at least in two.  I don’t know if we can get by on that money.  The locum company rep assigned to me made it sound like a sure thing that the two weeks at the end of the month was mine, and now I found out that it is all screwed up only because I CALLED HIM with some questions.  I have no idea when he had planned to let me know otherwise.

I had to go to a meeting of our two OB/Gyn practices that are being joined at lunch today.  I had to go despite the fact that my last day of work with them is in two weeks.  They made me go anyway.  The meeting was hideous.  The group across town that my group is joining spent the entire meeting bitching and moaning about problems in THEIR clinic, leaving those of us from across town wondering why we had to sit there for an hour and a half.  Eyes were rolled, names were called.  They clearly all HATE each other.   And now they hate us.  I would be so grateful because I’m leaving, but now my new job is in jeopardy.  I may have no job at all, or I may have to go crawling back to this awful old job.

I had the worst patient (with mother in tow) that I have had for MONTHS, if not years.  Put together ignorance, entitlement and sheer craziness, and you get something really awful.  The girl was complaining because her birth control was making her bleed.  She was on a form of birth control KNOWN to make people bleed – in fact – I notify patients of that when they want it put in.  We switched it out two weeks ago, and she hasn’t stopped bleeding yet (this stuff takes a while to work, people) so she demanded an appointment.  She had her mom call a few times too.  The girl postured, strutted, and burst into tears and attitude and informed me that she wanted a pill that would make her stop bleeding TODAY.  I told her if I had that pill, I would have given it to her already.  Her mom started with the major cray-cray.  “If we had done a D&C when she had her MISCARRIAGE like we SHOULD have she wouldn’t be bleeding now.  My FRIEND was bleeding and they looked and looked and then didn’t find anything and SHE had a TUMOR.  How do we know my daughter don’t have a tumor?  I want a SPECIALIST.  This girl been bleedin’ for SIX MONTHS and ain’t NOBODY should bleed six months,  And I don’t think it was them HORMONES.  There somethin’ WRONG with her.  You ain’t doin’ NOTHIN’ for us.”  I then honestly informed them that I was leaving the practice in two weeks and I would need to transfer their care elsewhere.  I also told her that the gynecologist IS the expert for this problem, and that we were doing the best we could.  They stormed out to the lobby and proceeded to throw a massive fit.  “The doctor LEAVIN’ and she don’t care NOTHIN’ about us and my daughter have a TUMOR and she won’t send us to see no SPECIALIST.”  She then started to demand an ultrasound TODAY (schedule full, sorry) and demanded to see one of my partners TODAY so THEY could send her girl to a specialist.  My partners refused to deal with the nut cases.  I got a phone call from the receptionist, who was freaking out.  What was I going to do about this scene in the lobby?  I told her to call security.  And of course, the patient is on Medicaid, which means that my tax dollars are going to support her, her pregnancies, her birth control, and her attitude.  So all afternoon, all I got to hear about was the scene in the lobby.

Now, this evening, my husband and I have to go through all the emails from the rep at the locums company so we can find things to yell at him about, because of my job getting all screwed up.  And tomorrow, I will start an entire weekend on call at a very busy hospital that is new to me, and I will probably not get to come home for days.  So I am having an awful day, and this is what I’m going to write about.  My apologies if my sense of humor seems to be lacking.

Twenty Reasons To Live In My Neighborhood

1. Doesn’t everyone want a Stepford wife?
2. Clear Christmas lights really are the best choice. For everyone.
3. Parking in your own driveway is so passe. Being forced to hide your car in your garage is much more in the now.
4. Nobody wants to drink alcohol at the pool. It’s just so boring.
5. No need to worry about the issue of religion – everyone goes to the same church!
6. Gardening is so much more fun when edging is mandatory.
7. Avoid the agony of being a unique individual – around here those people simply disappear.
8. Having the acceptable materials for a child’s playset dictated to you really simplifies your playground decisions.
9. Audible music is forbidden – thank goodness we needn’t be exposed to other’s musical tastes.
10. It’s an ego booster knowing people are talking about you every time you drive down the street.
11. Everyone gets to live on a street named after trees!
12. It’s so much fun to live with radical Right Republicans.
13. Martin Luther King Jr. was highly overrated. Why do we have a holiday for him, again?
14. It is comforting to know that the Neighborhood Association Nazis are watching your every move.
15. Uncouth people leaving their garbage bins out an extra day are brought to swift justice.
16. Everyone should have the same color fence. And the same height. With the same wood stain.
17. The mandatory $500/year fee for the Neighborhood Association is undoubtedly going towards all the best things.
18. Push mowers are so last century.
19. The country club is right next door. Who wouldn’t be happy about that?
20. Grass piles are the devil’s work.

Nightmare Christmas

Normally, I will do anything to avoid WalMart.  As in, I don’t think I’ve been in there for a year.  But today, in the name of Christmas, I had to suck it up and go in there, because they have a Honey Baked Ham kiosk, and we have a gift card for Honey Baked Ham and a need for something to eat for Christmas dinner.  So I bravely took my daughter with me, and despite some serious trepidation, off we went.

First we had to park.  We drove up and down the vast parking lot, searching for anywhere to park.  I wasn’t being choosy.  Even a spot in the back would be fine.  We were nearly smacked into by aggressive senior citizens seeking spots close to the building.  There were bazillions of people milling through the crosswalks, so it was nearly impossible to progress to the next lane.  We finally found a spot far, far to the back, and of course it started to rain.  We walked a mile to the store and I was cursing my choice of footwear – boots with heels that looked very nice with my outfit but which felt not so good on such a hike.

We made it in the crowded doors and I began looking for the Honeybaked Ham kiosk.  I couldn’t see it anywhere.  I decided to go back and look for a Wii dance game I’d asked my husband for for Christmas – he told me to go get it myself and wrap it up.  As soon as we got back to Electronics, my daughter began begging for Nintendo DS games, and Pokemon games and a new Nintendo DS3 and basically anything she could see within eyesight.  It was annoying.  She begged and tugged at my arm until I couldn’t even think.  I told her to hush up and I got a kid’s version of the Wii dance game that came free with my version.

Off again we went to hunt Honeybaked Ham.  We finally found the kiosk over by the produce – they had three people manning one little booth.  They of course did not accept the gift card – those are only accepted by the real store.  At least they took the coupons.  I bought a boneless ham for Christmas dinner and a roast turkey for lunch the previous day.

Then we had to go stand in the checkout lane.  And we stood, and we stood, and we stood.  There were two girls in front of us who were so psyched about Christmas in the air that they were jumping up and down and bumping their chests into each other.  At least I think that’s what they were excited about.  I was holding two Honeybaked things and they were getting very heavy.  My daughter did not want to help and hold the bag from Electronics.

Next we set off to Publix – parking lot, same scene.  Awful.  We finally found a spot and went in with our immense list.  Little Bit threw a fit because she wanted a cart with a car on it – she is wayyyyy too big for those and I told her so.  So she pouted and climbed into the cart and sat where I needed to put my groceries.  The only thing that saved me was that she saw my Kindle and wanted to read a story on that.  So I gave that to her and was allowed to get my groceries unmolested.  Except for all the people trying to run me over.  They were out of several things I needed.  I had to call Mom and ask her to bring currants, because they didn’t have any.

The whole thing, needless to say, put me in a vile mood.  I am in a vile mood right now.  I feel a crash as hard as if the holidays were already over.  Letdown like they are already gone.  My husband managed to rip into the new lunch meat and sliced cheese that I had gotten for Christmas Eve lunch with the folks, and gave them to the babysitter instead, so now I will have used cheese and meat to offer when they come.  He didn’t even think to ask.  And he has burned up my new Christmas candle before Christmas is even here.  I spent the day cleaning the house and it doesn’t even look like any of it was cleaned at all.  And I’m on this stupid diet and I’ve missed eating all the good Christmas things and still have barely lost five pounds.  I have about forty to go.  And my daughter messed up the guest room bed by climbing on it even though I told her to leave it alone because I had fixed it up for my parents.

I’m about to go… batshit.  And the day after Christmas I have to return to work, to a clinic that is so full that it will run until one o’clock and restart at one fifteen.  And I am on call five days in a row for New Years.  I am only getting one gift for Christmas.  And I wrapped that myself, so it is hardly a surprise.  So I am having one big old feeling sorry for myself fest right now.  And I can’t get this album to play the songs in order on this stupid computer.  I can only hope things will get better tomorrow when the folks get here, but I think I will just feel put upon and irritable to have to do all the cooking and dishwashing that goes in when you have people over for the holidays.  So Merry f’ing Christmas.  And a Happy damn New Year.

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