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Weekly Photo Challenge: Happy

This is my fourth attempt at creating a response to the weekly photo challenge.  Despite my attempts to create a charming photo collage, the computer has been adding the pictures in all in a row.  I have followed the instructions for settings: media: checkbox for photo collage to create the collage, so I am a bit irked that it isn’t working (read, NOT happy).  I will add the pictures one at a time with commentary.

This first picture is one of my daughter learning to play putt putt golf.   All of these pictures were taken last week on our family beach trip, so of course they all make me extremely happy.   Notice how hard she is concentrating – she has the Michael Jordan tongue thing working for her when she makes her shot.

Michael Jordan

“It works better if you stick your tongue out”

This next picture is of a single yellow flower growing alongside a rather ugly “swampy” swamp.  It made a beautiful contrast with its surroundings.  The yellow color is brilliant.  That made me happy.

Yellow Flower

A single yellow flower growing alongside the water of a swamp

The next photo is of some pretty white flowers; a type I have never seen before.  They were also growing alongside a swamp and provided very beautiful contrast.  I was happy to capture a photo of a flower that I have never seen before.  I like the way the stems curve over the photo, drawing the eye in and out.

White Flowers

White Flowers

The next picture is of the bright arcade where we went to play putt putt and go golf carting – bright lights always make me happy!  They make me think of Christmas.


Beach Arcade

I also found some beautiful pink flowers growing along the putt putt path:

Pink Flowers

Pink flowers

I happened to find a blue dragonfly perched on a flower – I love beautiful insects.  Insects are sort of an obsession of mine; I have dozens of photos pinned on Pinterest.

Blue Dragonfly

Blue dragonfly

My last photo is of a gulf fritillary, another beautiful insect.  My friend was kind enough to identify it for me.

Gulf Fritillary

Gulf Fritillary

This entire vacation and all of these photos make me very happy and I thought I would make an attempt to submit them for the Photo Challenge.  I found it challenging to select the pictures out of a single day’s worth of photos.  Photography itself makes me happy – I am a bit of an amateur photographer and always love the opportunity to take some good shots.  I will have to participate in more photography challenges!


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