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The Hobbit And Ruth’s Chris

My husband and I went out on a date tonight.  I was very excited.  We hired a sitter for the whole day and went and saw The Hobbit and then went to Ruth’s Chris for dinner.  Kevin got me a massive Ruth’s Chris gift card for Christmas, since we are on Atkin’s diet and are currently eating MEAT and CHEESE and more MEAT.  I am so sick of meat.  But I love me some Ruth’s Chris.

The Hobbit was awesome.  It was a bit loooonng, over two and a half hours.  But we saw the 3D, 48 frame/minute version which was KILLER.  The dwarves had a great look.  And the dwarf king (prince?) was actually pretty hot.  There were like thirty minutes of previews before the movie even started.  Now, I love watching the previews, but my husband does not.  He says they give too much of the story line away.  But – still – how do you know what you want to go see if you don’t watch the previews?  And preview watching is actually my version of watching the movie, most of the time.  I don’t go to too many movies in the theater.  I prefer to wait and see them at home where there aren’t people climbing all over your lap and texting and spilling their drinks on your feet.  But my husband loves to see them in the theater, on the big screen.  So he goes to a lot of movies by himself.  Plus he likes a bunch of really violent ones that I don’t like to watch.  They upset me.  I saw this great quote on Facebook (I know, groan) that said “Two hours of violence in a movie won’t affect you, right?.  But a thirty second spot in the Superbowl is worth 3.8 million dollars because it will make you run out and buy a product.”  I know the violence in movies affects me.  It either upsets me or makes me feel very aggressive, depending on my mood.

So The Hobbit rocked.  Then we went on to Ruth’s Chris.  They stuck us at what looked like this cozy little curved booth that turned out to be right by the door to the kitchen.  So it wasn’t so cozy.  Our server was this skinny little girl who kept saying, “Absolutely!”  My husband said if she said “Absolutely!” one more time, he was gonna come up out of his chair.  So we were boring patrons, because we didn’t order drinks.  I don’t drink anymore, because I shouldn’t, and most of the time, my husband doesn’t drink either.  Every once in a while a marguerita will call his name, and I’ll wind up driving home.  Doesn’t happen too often though.  I must say, I surely do miss beer.  So we refused bread too, because we’re on the Atkins diet together.  They forgot and brought it to us anyway.  They seemed most upset that we were refusing their bread.  Rejected, almost.  Kevin got a stuffed chicken breast, which I couldn’t believe, because why would you get a chicken breast when you’re in a place that has an amazing filet.  Right?  I got the filet and lobster combo.  I know how to spend a gift card.  We both got tasty wedge salads, which are covered in blue cheese crumbles and blue cheese dressing.  Perfect for Mr. Atkins.  I snarfed my surf and turf, and Kevin saved half his (double) chicken breast for later.  It was stuffed with cheese and garlic and was pretty tasty too.

It was raining when we got out of the movie and went on to dinner, so I was checking the forecast for tomorrow.  I really don’t want it to rain tomorrow, because Kevin promised me we can all go to the wildlife refuge, so I can take some pictures with my camera, and he and our daughter can look at the birds.  I am very excited about that outing, as I have been learning some new things about my camera.  Kevin made me promise to study up if he would buy me a new macro lens for the camera and he did!  So I’ve been learning about how to manually set my DSLR.  I will try out some fancy f-stops and apertures and stuff when we go out tomorrow.  Can’t wait!

Kevin finally got his first decent night’s sleep in years last night.  He is a hard core insomniac and usually wakes several times during the night, then gives up and gets up around four or five.  He does this despite Ambien, melatonin, and some of my Klonopin.  I had these Extended Release Xanax pills my shrink gave me for anxiety.  I took one and it turned me into a molten puddle of goo.  I could barely keep my tongue in my mouth.  Those things made me utterly stupid, and not in a good way.  I refused to take any more, but I saved them.  I finally talked Kevin into taking one last night, to see if they would help him sleep.  He slept the whole night!  He slept until nine in the morning!  He says he can’t ever in his whole life hardly remember doing that.  He was amazed.  He was still out of it when he woke up.  I’m thrilled we’ve finally found him something that will help him sleep.  He was desperate.   He hadn’t slept more than a few hours per night for weeks.  He plans to take another tonight and see if he can get another night’s great sleep.  So we’ll get on Netflix and watch an episode of In Plain Sight, and then hopefully he’ll crash.  And tomorrow we’re going to the wildlife refuge.  So I’m looking forward to tomorrow!


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